What is better in the morning: 8 tips on how to start your day

What is better in the morning: 8 tips on how to start your day

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As it turned out, good morning may well be, but only if it is started correctly. Scientists conducted a series of studies on this subject and came to the conclusion that the tone of your whole day, productivity and even mood depend on how you start your morning.

Today, guided by the research of scientists, we have selected for you 8 rules of a perfect morning

With them you will be full of strength and energy for the whole day. It is enough just to systematically follow these simple rules, take them for a habit and you will see how to get up in the morning will no longer be akin to hard labor for you.

1. Morning is met by exercise (and the evening is seen off for a walk)

What is better in the morning: 8 tips on how to start your day
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Morning exercises are good for health, even children in kindergarten know this. But in the mornings we don’t have enough time even for breakfast, not like charging. You need to do something about it! In addition, morning warm-up does not require much time. 10 minutes is enough to feel a surge of strength and get a boost of energy for the next day. Do not neglect this rule and put off until later especially those who work in the office and lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Help your health! And if it’s really tight with time in the morning, then take a break during working hours or at lunch for a warm-up. Remember how before in the lessons in elementary school, and at the enterprises physical classes were arranged?

2. Water with lemon instead of tea and coffee

Strong tea and espresso certainly invigorate in the morning. But are they as healthy as water with lemon? In fact, lemon water stimulates energy production both on a psychological and physical level. This miracle drink promotes better digestion by the stomach of nutrients entering the body, and also facilitates the digestion process. And lemons are a storehouse of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants, which our body needs so much.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach. Just got out of bed and forward to the kitchen to drink healthy water. And only then start your morning routines. And only after 30 minutes you can have breakfast. If you weigh up to 70 kilograms, then the juice of half a lemon is enough, and if your weight is more than 70 kilograms, then do not spare the fruit and squeeze the juice from the whole lemon.

3. Say “no” to social networks

What is better in the morning: 8 tips on how to start your day
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What do many modern people do when they open their eyes? They take on the phone and start flipping through the feed in social networks or check messages in instant messengers. There, a friend went to the resort to have a rest, another gave an expensive ring, the third had depression, and she “pours out” all her problems in the posts for the public to see, and there they ask to urgently provide a report on the work done for the week. And you, not even getting out of bed, already want to wrap yourself in a blanket and close yourself from all these problems. Your mood is falling, and, having somehow gathered your thoughts, you force yourself to stand up and go to “rake” a heap of affairs. There is a time for everything, but morning is better to devote to your beloved. Stretch, rejoice at the approaching day, put yourself in order, have breakfast slowly, and other people’s concerns, successes and failures are not worth your energy wasted in the morning.

4. Do not forget to have breakfast!

Once, someone said such a clever phrase:

“Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy!”

Indeed, the first meal of the day sets the right tone for your day. But although many manage to skip breakfast because of their workload or in the desire to lose extra pounds. But this is fundamentally wrong! But rather the opposite! People who do not skip breakfast are less likely to be obese and have virtually no problems with their blood sugar. After all, when we are hungry, the sugar level jumps, which can affect our mood individually and behavior in general. In addition, those who had breakfast, feel a surge of energy. They are not bothered by a feeling of hunger, and they can concentrate on business and work moments without thinking about their “musical” stomach. BUT healthy breakfast, will help you not only stay in shape, but also give a boost of strength and energy for a productive day.

5. Make a plan for the day and set goals

What is better in the morning: 8 tips on how to start your day
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When you have an action plan and goals set, waking up in the morning, you are in a hurry to implement them, close the question, solve the problem, put a tick next to the completed plan item. Having certain goals for the day and drawing up a plan of your actions, you develop a sense of control in yourself, and the implementation of the plan points leads to greater self-confidence.

Set yourself time limits for each item, for example, finish the report before lunch, and try to meet the deadline. So you can rationally use every minute of your day. Importantly, do not forget to compliment yourself on the bottom line. Let it be some trifle, but that which you so long wanted and finally deserved.

6. Cleanliness and order

On the desktop of one person everything can be laid out on shelves, tidied and clean, while on the neighbor’s table there may be a so-called creative mess in which it is not that hard to work, but simply impossible to find the necessary papers.

It is proved that the level of efficiency is higher for those who work at a clean table. Unnecessary items, clutter and chaos on the table reduces the level of efficiency and only distracts from work. Therefore, ending the working day, tidy up your workplace and, having come to work in the morning, you will be ready to get down to business.

7. You are not Caesar

What is better in the morning: 8 tips on how to start your day
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Caesar is a well-known ancient Roman commander and politician who was famous for his ability to carry out several tasks simultaneously. He could read and at the same time immediately dictate a completely different text.

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Studies conducted by scientists from Stanford University have proven that with multitasking, the level of productivity is much lower than with alternate tasks. And even if it seems to you that you can do everything at once, you should not overestimate yourself. As a result, you run the risk of wasting all your energy and not achieving the desired result without completing any business. Otherwise, your brain will simply boil in an attempt to concentrate on different tasks at the same time.

8. “Eat a frog” is better in the morning

Of course, not in the literal sense of the word, but rather in the figurative. If you do not know what this expression means, we will explain to you.

Once a famous American writer Mark Twain said:

“If you eat a frog in the morning, the rest of the day promises to be wonderful, since the worst is over for today.” © MarkTwain

Under the frog, the writer meant some kind of complex and difficult task, the implementation of which we put off in a long box. Many scientists also advise paying attention to more difficult and important matters in the morning, when there is a supply of strength, energy, and the brain is not yet overloaded.

Good and good morning to you!