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Without Many Words! 9 Ideas of Such Cute and Creative Cards that Are Easy to Make Yourself

Without Many Words! 9 Ideas of Such Cute and Creative Cards that Are Easy to Make Yourself 36

If you are still thinking, wondering what to give your loved one and how to please your loved ones, then these ideas will help you out. After all, postcards, especially in our digital time, will greatly delight your beloved ones!

9 ideas handmade cards, warming the heart ?

We have prepared for you simple and at the same time very nice, warm ideas that you can easily do with your own hands!

1. When you are perfect for each other … ?

As they say, all ingenious is simple! All you need is coloured paper and a couple of puzzles. We paint them pink or red and two lovers halves are ready. The production will take a maximum of 10 minutes, but the creative approach will be remembered for a long time!

2. Add some spices

Card with hearts

Another unusual idea! We take paper of any colour and draw a counter of the jar, then it remains to stick on coloured miniature hearts. Agree, it looks very cute.

3. Instead of a thousand words!

Card with hearts and envelope

This is what a real love letter looks like. Kraft paper always gives products a special mood and atmosphere.

4. Hugs

Hand Postcard

And even children can make such a card. We fold the coloured cardboard in half, we encircle the arm, and voila! The frame for the postcard is ready. Now it remains to glue the heart on the “leg”, which will “jump out” from the postcard directly to your loved one!

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5. When love falls from the sky …

Postcard rain of hearts

Very nice and cozy card. For the manufacture of the umbrella, you can use the application, and the hearts just print. To do this, cut out the shape of a heart on an eraser and dip it in pink shades and draw a rain of hearts!

6. Fight on the spot …

Card with application

All you need is shiny paper, toothpicks and medium density cardboard for the card itself. It’s simple: we cut out the details of the arrows and attach them as an example. Golden and pink look very gentle. You can dress up in a frog princess, if the guy is friendly with a sense of humour. ?

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7. Simple and pretty

Card with applique

This card is perfect for congratulating friends. Gentle hearts garlands look very stylish and warm at the same time.

8. In the seventh heaven ?

Postcard from Kraft

And again, a favourite craft! As you can see, this background immediately makes the card very spectacular. The balloon from volumetric hearts complements the drawing with an ordinary gel pen. White clouds will add magic and a sense of flight. ?

9. Who is who?


In this fight, love won! Here, thick paper was used, the net itself was embroidered with a two-coloured thread, and the tic-tac-toe and heart were pasted last.

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