What Is LED Light Therapy Masks And Why They Are Extraordinary?

What Is LED Light Therapy Masks And Why They Are Extraordinary?

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Hollywood discovered the amazing wonders of LED light therapy years ago. Celebrities have been getting high priced treatments and masks in dermatologists’ offices for years to keep their glamorous looks. Now everyone can afford an LED light therapy mask that they can use at home with the same extraordinary results – or close to it!

If you, your mate, and or your pets have no problem with you looking like Jason Vorhees at night (From Friday the 13th, cult classic horror film from the 80’s), you may be ready to try an LED light therapy mask. Just be careful when you get up to pee in the middle of the night – you might give someone a heart attack!

There are very good reasons why people don’t mind sleeping with a Vorhees type mask on their faces as long as it is an LED light therapy mask. It’s the LED that makes it keen – and it’s scientific! NASA used it for goodness sakes – albeit for very different reasons.

NASA experimented with LED lights to figure out ways to grow plants for deep space travel. What’s recently been discovered is that those same light properties have an incredibly healing effect on human skin, curing everything from wrinkles to severe cases of acne. Here’s how it works:

LED light therapy masks use certain colors of the light spectrum (minus ultraviolet light) to “increase facial blood circulation and promote collagen production, skin healing and acne reduction.” Inside of the mask are tiny little LED lights that glow in usually 3 different spectral LED wavelengths – red, blue, and sometimes white or pink.

  • – Red LED Lights stimulate collagen and elastin production while promoting healing – great for skin rejuvenation, firming, and brightening.
  • – Blue LED Lights are bacteria killing – excellent for sufferers of acne and for people who have facial skin blemishes and scars.
  • – White LED Lights are usually reserved for clinical use because they go deeper than all other spectral LED lights – used to tighten facial skin and reduce swelling, magnificent for facial lines and wrinkle reduction.

For dull lifeless, sagging, wrinkled skin, LED light therapy is designed to rejuvenate your face. Blue wavelengths kill 80% of bacteria which helps get rid of acne and prevent it from coming back. It’s even better than antibiotics for acne!

When shopping for the best LED light therapy mask the intensity of the light beam is the most important thing – the stronger the light the better the results. And it takes time and repeated treatments to see results, even if you go to a dermatologist’s office where the LED lights are much stronger.

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The big difference is that a treatment like this for only 20 minutes will cost you a few hundred bucks at a clinic. If you owned a really good or even better, the best LED light therapy mask, you could save yourself thousands of dollars a year to have that Hollywood glow!

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