4 Easy Sweet vitamin recipes to resist viruses and Boost immune

4 Easy Sweet vitamin recipes to resist viruses and Boost immune

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In the fight against viruses, we very often neglect fairly simple methods that will help not only cope with the unpleasant symptoms of impending cold, but also increase immunity. We will tell you four sweet vitamin recipes to promote good health and well-being.

Recipe # 1

We will need 200 gr. peeled walnuts, the same amount of dried apricots, raisins and lemon with zest. After passing all the ingredients through a grinder, add a tablespoon of honey. One tablespoon of prepared mix per day is enough for adults, one teaspoon for children. Just a few grams of a sweet vitamin mix before meals or at bedtime will help the body more effectively resist various viruses.

Recipe # 2

Prepare dried nuts, 100 grams. Grind nuts and mix with mashed apples in equal proportions, add the juice of two lemons and a tablespoon of honey. Take a tablespoon of prepared mix once a day before meals. Caution!, if you are allergic to citrus.

4 Easy Sweet vitamin recipes to resist viruses and Boost immune
4 Easy Sweet Vitamin Recipes To Resist Viruses And Boost Immune

Recipe # 3

Spring is a season of colds, which means that during this period the question of increasing immunity is very important. With the onset of heat, viruses begin to manifest themselves more actively, therefore, during the first three weeks of spring, immunologists recommend using freshly squeezed juices of red color, for example, cherry, beet, strawberry, blackberry, pomegranate and cranberry. Start with half of a glass three times a day, in the second week, reduce the consumption of juices to two times a day, and already in the last week you can drink juice only once a day.

Recipe # 4

We will need a kilogram of aronia, which we grind with 1.5 kg. of sugar. Also, during the first three weeks you should eat a tablespoon before breakfast and dinner. If you prefer drinks, you can add a tablespoon of mix and a glass of boiling water in a thermos. Five hours later you can drink it.

You should store ready mixes in jars placing them to the fridge or other cool place in your house.

Be healthy!

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