5 top secrets Why French Women Don’t Get Fat

5 top secrets Why French Women Don’t Get Fat

ben November 23, 2020 0

French women are loved, admired for their delicate taste, the art of living and aging beautifully. Another important fact: they love wine and croissants, but, at the same time, they almost never get better, remaining thin and sonorous until the most venerable age.

French women don’t get fat because they have their secrets!  Discover their “anti-diet” secrets consist of five main. Here they are:

French women do not deprive themselves

Great food and wine is an integral part of the French lifestyle, and you are unlikely to meet a self-respecting Parisian woman sitting on nothing but water and lettuce. They eat whatever their heart desires, but always in small portions and savoring every bite.

French women plan their diet

Model Jeanne Damas explains:

“If I plan on drinking wine in the evening, I will abstain from fruits and sugary fruit juices during the day to avoid excess sugar in my diet.”

French women practice good habits from a young age

Another important part of growing up every French woman is the transmission of “family” beauty secrets and principles of personal care from mother to daughter. For example, French mothers early teach their daughters to cleanse and moisturize the skin every day, try to eat more vegetables and drink clean water instead of soda.

French women walking

Despite the fact that working out in the gym until the seventh sweat is not at all French, these girls are well aware that movement is life. Therefore, at every opportunity and in any weather, they walk on foot, avoiding public transport and taxis. They also try not to use the elevators: walking up to the 8th floor is a good mini-cardio! Caroline de Magre says:

“If I have a meeting and I am in a car, I will definitely park 20 minutes before the meeting point and walk on foot. I try to walk at least an hour a day every day – as for me, it’s much better than a gym. “

French women drink a lot of water

This is definitely the simplest yet most effective secret that suits even the laziest. However, for French women, it is a priority – they are sure that the correct drinking regime is the key to beautiful skin and good health in general.

Jeanne Damas confirms:

“I drink liters of water and herbal tea every day.” She is echoed by the face of Givenchy, Emeline Walad:

“My morning invariably starts with a large volume of warm water, to which I add lemon wedges.”

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