Shoulders back!  How to quickly stop slouching

Shoulders back! How to quickly stop slouching

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Half a day at the computer and hours of correspondence on the phone only feeds the good old habit of sitting and standing “hook”. At first glance, it is not catastrophic. However, all doctors agree that poor posture is often the cause of headaches, back pain, circulatory problems, and lung problems. Therefore, it is very important to understand why it is necessary to develop the habit of keeping your back straight and how to stop stooping forever.

Benefits of correct posture

In order to keep the muscles of the upper body in good shape and have a slim appearance, it is not necessary to enroll in all the sports sections of the city at once. You can start small – correct posture. This little nuance can make significant adjustments to your health.

Prevents back pain. Correct posture seems like hard work for those who are used to slouching, but in fact it minimizes the stress on the intervertebral discs and muscles of the neck and back. Accordingly, after a day of sitting evenly, you will never have back pain and an increased feeling of fatigue.

Prevents headache. Slouching strongly strains the neck, interferes with blood circulation and interferes with the quality supply of oxygen to the brain. This is the reason why our heads sometimes “split” after a long day at work.

Improves breathing. Correctly straightened shoulders allow better lung performance. Accordingly, the quality of breathing improves and more oxygen enters the body – a vital element.

How to stop slouching

Shoulders back!  How to quickly stop slouching
Shoulders Back! How To Quickly Stop Slouching

The first step to avoiding slouching is to be aware of your posture and the correct starting position when sitting and standing. Therefore, there are several rules under which your shoulders will never lean forward:

  • feet should always be firmly on the ground with heels and toes shoulder-width apart. Crossing your legs or throwing your legs over your legs while sitting automatically distorts the shoulders;
  • the head should be level with the body. Pulling the head forward or throwing it backwards provokes a slouch;
  • the upper arms to the elbows should always be pressed against the body. This provides additional support for the shoulders and keeps them level.

This body position will help you maintain an even posture when walking and sitting. Although there is one but: preoccupied with business, we do not always pay attention to how we sit. For this, many gadgets have already been invented that are attached to the back and vibrate to remind that you need to correct your posture, as well as applications for smartphones that send us a message with similar content (such a mother in a smartphone).


The best option would still be to eradicate the habit of slouching. To do this, we have selected a few simple exercises that will take literally a few minutes of your time, but will bring good results.

Stand by the wall

This advice sounds strange, but it really works. Try repeating the following ritual every morning.

Stand with your head, shoulder blades, buttocks, and heels touching the wall. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your knees slightly bent, and stretch your arms straight above you, with the backs to the wall. The first times you may find it difficult to raise your arms all the way, and this is normal. However, each time try to reach up more and more. After you reach the maximum top point, bend your elbows and put them in a position where your elbows are level with your shoulders. Slowly lower your arms down without lifting them off the wall. Repeat these exercises 10-12 times every morning.

Do a shoulder stretch

Shoulders back!  How to quickly stop slouching
Shoulders Back! How To Quickly Stop Slouching

This elementary exercise will allow you to work out the muscles of the back and shoulders, increase their tone and improve your posture in the future. Do the following exercise at least once every day.

Stand or sit up straight with your arms down. Keep your head straight, look straight and raise your shoulders as high as possible, as if you are trying to reach your ears with them. Bring your shoulders back and down, as if trying to touch your shoulder blades. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times. This exercise can be performed even in the office, right at the workplace, in order to stretch the muscles and tone them.

Lie in baby pose

In the morning, it is also important to stretch your back and whole body muscles to get yourself in the right position for the whole day. The baby pose is ideal for this.

Sit on the floor with your feet under your buttocks. Lean forward, place your stomach on your hips, and stretch your arms forward. Breathe deeply. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds (or more).

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