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50 Cent Recommends Treating Coronavirus With Regular Sex

50 Cent Recommends Treating Coronavirus With Regular Sex 36

50 Cent Recommends Treating Coronavirus With Regular Sex. Rapper showed intimacy poses during outbreak

50 Cent recommends treating coronavirus with regular sex

50 Cent recommends treating coronavirus with regular sex

50 Cent

American hip hop artist 50 Cent decided to dilute the mass hysteria around the coronavirus with a touch of humor. A few hours ago, on an Instagram personal page, the artist posted a screenshot with a fake news headline stating that intimacy helps kill the virus.

“Well, then everything will be fine with us”, the musician wrote in the signature. And in another post, he shared a picture showing how to have sex so as not to get infected. Its authors recommend choosing poses in which the faces of partners are far from each other. “I just want you to be safe, okay? Until further news, ”writes 50 Cent.

Recall that the first world celebrities who were diagnosed with coronavirus were actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. This was reported to the media on Thursday, March 12. Now the couple will have to spend the necessary time in quarantine and undergo an examination. Now they are in Australia, where they are provided with all the necessary medical care. To date, in addition to China, cases have been identified in more than 100 countries.

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