Absolute fashionista Kate Middleton style fall wardrobe

Absolute fashionista Kate Middleton style fall wardrobe

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Many criticize the style of the monarchs for special conservatism and restraint, but this is precisely their charm. They definitely have a lot to learn. Let’s look at the autumn images of aristocrats using the example of Kate Middleton style and Elizabeth II.

Kate Middleton’s fall wardrobe

Kate is a well-known fashionista who prefers a sober and classic look. The only thing, the Duchess sometimes experiments with length, appearing in dresses and skirts above the knee. However, Kate skillfully balances such things with a closed and chaste top. Someone will find the images of Middleton quite boring, but they perfectly correspond to her de facto royal status.


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What colour looks best on Kate? 🤎 or 💙

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In Kate Middleton’s wardrobe there are many coats of rich autumn shades: green, burgundy, brown, sand, etc. The dark green shade especially suits her, as it is in harmony with the color of the eyes and hair. Kate prefers fitted models that accentuate her slim figure. The Duchess combines a coat with turtlenecks and skirts. By the way, a turtleneck is a must-have for any fall.


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The looks of Kate in suits are worth taking note of for all women working in offices. By the way, the Duchess of Cambridge wears skirts much more often than trousers. The formula of the style is as follows: a pencil skirt with a length just above the knee plus a strict fitted jacket. Sky blue, emerald, burgundy, wine – Kate is not afraid to experiment with colors, but in terms of accessories she is very restrained. The same goes for shoes – nothing flashy or super flashy :). You are unlikely to see the duchess in leopard-print shoes. Most likely, these will be neutral black or beige pumps, but always with high heels.


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The royal prefers feminine dresses with a fitted cut, which, as we understand it, is Kate’s favorite. The length is most often chosen just below or above the knee. As with the coat, the Duchess of Cambridge relies on colors. Recently, Kate conquered everyone with a stunning lavender dress, the shade of which is one of the trendy in 2020.


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Like most women, the Duchess of Cambridge sometimes indulges in casual style. One of her looks looked like this: a parka, black skinny jeans and sports shoes. Skinny may have gone out of fashion, but you must admit that Kate they are very good. The result is a simple and stylish outfit for everyday life.

houndstooth print

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Royals often wear plaid suits and coats with houndstooth print. Black and white plaid can be combined with boots of the same color, green scarf and bag. Another spectacular option is a red and white check combined with a burgundy handbag and shoes, like Kate.

Elizabeth II autumn wardrobe

A whole book can be written about the wardrobe of the Queen of England. And Angela Kelly, who worked as Elizabeth’s dressmaker, did it, she released a memoir titled The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe. Let’s take a look at a few fashion habits that have long become the hallmark of the monarch.

Color therapy

Elizabeth II adores suits and coats of all colors of the rainbow – from yellow, green and blue to fuchsia. By the way, the queen complemented the outfit in fuchsia with a hat of the same color with a red feather. But black in her wardrobe is prohibited. The exception is days of mourning. Agree that bright colors are a good way to cheer up on gray autumn weekdays. Another plus: a variegated coat does not require any additions, you can limit yourself to neutral accessories.



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Almost no queen image is complete without gloves. The main thing is to follow the rule: the shorter the sleeve, the longer the gloves. In fact, this accessory can decorate and make any set elegant. As a rule, under the gloves the queen picks up the scarves that she has worn since her youth.


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In terms of footwear, Elizabeth is conservative. You will never see stiletto heels on her; she prefers practical low-heeled shoes with round or square toes. If you look at the photo, you get the feeling that in all the pictures Elizabeth is in the same shoes with metal fittings, which she seems to have not changed since the 50s. In fact, footwear specially for the Queen is made by the famous English brand Anello & Davidе. The brand gained popularity in the 60s, when members of the Beatles saw Chelsea boots on the Anello & David’s window and decided to try it on. As for Elizabeth, the practical ruler of Great Britain prefers the same style from year to year.