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Amazing Low bun: top 7 stylish hairstyles for the holiday and every day

Amazing Low bun: top 7 stylish hairstyles for the holiday and every day 36

The simplest and most comfortable hairstyles for every day are different types of buns. This styling is relevant for both home and office, and worthy of the carpet – in any case, the image with it will turn out to be stylish and effective. Low bun is popular in 2021, so we decided to bring you a couple of inspirational ideas for this simple and beautiful styling!

Low sloppy bun

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The casual bun continues to be a favorite of the stars. Thanks to the trend set by stylists for carelessness and chaos on the head, slightly sloppy buns have become even more popular. Top tip: do not pull on your hair too much when you collect the styling, and at the end, release a few curled strands near your face.

Low texture beam

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A bun made on wavy hair looks very feminine and elegant. First, you need to make light curls, and then collect the texture into a beautiful and elegant hairstyle, as in the photo above. Take care of a secure fit so that the styling lasts longer.

Low smooth bun

Often for fashion shows, stylists collect the hair of models in low buns, complementing them with unusual details. We like this move, because accessories help to improve even the most common hairstyle. An illustrative example is an ordinary smooth bun, decorated with original hairpins-leaves.

Low volumetric beam

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If you are the owner of a long and thick hair, you can only envy: a lush bun is the object of desire of many girls. At the end of styling, loosen the hair at the crown and in the bun itself a little to create the effect of a slight casual and relaxed style.

Low beam with chain

Such a spectacular hairstyle has the right to live not only on the red carpet and fashion shows. You can play it cool, for example, in the image for a prom, gala event or any other event where you need to make a wow impression.


Low beam-loop

An unusual bun-loop from a low tail is in trend now. This is a great option for a quick everyday hairstyle when styling takes no more than 5 minutes. It is very simple to make a knot out of hair: we collect the strands into a regular ponytail, then create a neat loop with the help of an additional elastic band, and wrap the rest of the tail around the base (a visual master class is in the video below). We fix all this with pins.

Low bun with pearls

Another interesting way to diversify the styling is to add pearls in hair… One of the top accessories of 2020 is still popular. This hairstyle will look great on both light strands and dark ones. Suitable for a wedding or other festive event where you want to draw attention to yourself.

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