How to choose the Perfect pants and jeans to decorate you?

How to choose the Perfect pants and jeans to decorate you?

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Pants and jeans are in the closet of each of us, and for the cold season, more practical clothes cannot be found. But how many of the models you have available can you call perfect? Do you have jeans that fit well and pants that go with a white shirt to make the right impression in an interview? How to choose the perfect pants and jeans to decorate you?

Conduct a small wardrobe review to determine how your jeans and trousers adorn you, flatter your figure, and showcase your dignity. There are not so many pitfalls in choosing the bottom, but they should be borne in mind in order not to make a mistake with the purchase.

Below we have listed several important aspects that will play a key role in choosing your perfect match.

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Fit and material

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Pay attention to these two features first and foremost. It’s no secret that buying jeans or trousers from an online store is a risky adventure. Jeans “at random” may not suit you, and trousers may shock you with unexpectedly thin material through which your underwear shines through.

Don’t settle for anything less than quality fabric and a great fit, so you don’t have to pull in your belly or add a belt to get your pants on.



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How many times have you made a promise to yourself to shorten jeans or trousers to the required length and, as a result, the purchased pair remained gathering dust in the closet? Do not come up with unnecessary worries and immediately choose the length that suits you personally.

At home, put on your newly purchased pants or jeans in turn with your casual shoes (not just your favorite heeled ankle boots!) And after the final fitting with different pairs, decide whether to keep the purchase or return it to the store.

Back pockets

Don’t ignore such important detail on jeans as the back pockets, as they provide a pleasant “lifting effect”. The taller the pockets on your jeans, the more you look like a girl who is actively pumping her buttocks in the gym. Low elongated pockets, fashionable in the 2000s, make the opposite sad impression.

The size

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If you wear skinny jeans, don’t go too small and ditch low-cotton materials. Why? The trouble is that such jeans are too similar to leggings, and not to full-length pants, which is why they look cheap.


Pay attention to how new trousers or jeans sit on you on the line of the waist: they should not come off and puff up in the back. You may think that this way it will be easier to tuck shirts or blouses, emphasizing the waist with a belt, but there is a risk that no belt will completely eliminate this defect and your waist will seem wider than it really is.

Side seam

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When trying on jeans, carefully look at how the side seam is located on the leg. It should not “break” and go diagonally, because such a seemingly inconspicuous detail creates a visual sensation of curved legs. A neat, crisp and well-made side seam will give the jeans a beautiful fit.

Size and style

You will often come across tips that discourage petite undersized girls from wearing baggy pants and jeans. Models “boyfriends” or “bananas” really do not add height, unlike flared trousers with a high waist, but this does not mean that short girls should limit themselves so much. Decide the fate of each model on each individual example and do not forget about shoes, with a short stature, their importance increases.


A common mistake when buying trousers and jeans is being too conservative. You stop at one model and buy only it, deliberately ignoring any alternatives. Take the liberty of assessing if your trousers are morally outdated, and persuade yourself to try on something new for comparison.

Color and decor

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Bright color models of trousers, large pockets and a voluminous cut visually increase the hips, and dark dense denim of a straight cut without scuffs, decor or patch pockets, on the contrary, visually reduces the hips.

Think about what task you set for your figure, and depending on this, choose denser or, on the contrary, airy models.

Flawless white

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White denim is back in fashion, but we recommend that you approach it with caution: white jeans or trousers are not only terribly impractical, but also treacherously demonstrate all the flaws in your figure.

Never buy too tight white jeans, they “wrinkle” and look infantile. Ideal white trousers should have air, volume and lightness so that they collect compliments in your address.

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