Demi Moore Shared Beauty Secrets!

Demi Moore Shared Beauty Secrets!

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Demi Moore Shared Beauty Secrets!

Demi Moore Shared Beauty Secrets! 57 year old actress Demmy Moor always looked flawless. For a long time, she carefully worked to preserve youth and beauty, because marriage with the young Ashton Kutcher contributed to this.

Demi Moore Shared Beauty Secrets!

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Today, Demi looks just as perfect. She is young and beautiful, and shares her beauty secrets.

Cosmetic procedures

Demi Moore said that leeches help her to keep a young and fresh appearance. In particular, the actress regularly arranges leech sessions.

“Leeches perfectly cleanse the blood – after the session I feel great.”

Moore also talked about how important it is to properly and thoroughly moisturize your skin.

Demi Moore Shared Beauty Secrets!
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“I have very sensitive skin, so I use only natural beauty products without flavors. I always cleanse and moisturize my skin. I’m sure that you need to take good care of your face and then you will hardly need makeup. ”

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Hair care

Demi Moore’s hair looks amazing. They are long, shiny and healthy. Moore talked about how she manages to maintain her hair in this condition.

“If I don’t need to go to work or a social event, I don’t dry my hair with a hairdryer or use a curling iron or ironing – I let my hair rest in order to keep it healthy. I don’t dye my hair and use moisturizing care products. ”

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