How To Make Up Puffy Lips With Makeup: the secrets of Shay Mitchell’s makeup artist

How To Make Up Puffy Lips With Makeup: the secrets of Shay Mitchell’s makeup artist

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If you are interested in how to increase lips without surgery, then you just need to learn a few tricks from your favorite makeup artist Shay Mitchell and the Kardashian-Jenner family of Ariel Tejada. How To Make Up Puffy Lips With Makeup: the secrets of Shay Mitchell’s makeup artist

How To Make Up Puffy Lips With Makeup: the secrets of Shay Mitchell’s makeup artist

It was Ariel who taught Kylie and Shay a few years ago, how to make lips more puffy with makeup. Thanks to cooperation with the most famous sisters in the world and other stars, more than 2 million people have subscribed to the make-up artist’s Instagram account, which is why Tejada is often called the main specialist in “Instagram make-up”.

The girls regularly bombard Ariel with questions about how to enlarge her lips with makeup so that no one will notice. Fortunately, the make-up methods of the makeup artist have improved since working with Jenner. Now he knows exactly how to make lips more puffy and voluminous, but not look like a clown fish or Ronald-MacDonald. This trick is regularly used by the star of “Pretty Little Liars” Shay Mitchell.

Makeup artist says that in order to create Plus size lips makeup, you only need two products – lip balm and a pencil. The rest is a matter of technology.

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Since Ariel has long collaborated with actress Shay Mitchell, he often uses this non-surgical lip augmentation trick on her. And due to the fact that Shay started her own Youtube channel with beauty themes, we can not only see the result of Tehada’s work, but also learn his special technique. In general, thanks to Mitchell for this video tutorial, as it is just a salvation for those who want to slightly adjust the shape of their lips and not look like a duck on a selfie. By the way, the makeup artist’s method takes only a few minutes, and even a beginner in makeup can repeat it.

How to make up lips with makeup: Ariel Tejada method

  1. Apply a lip balm on your lips so that the pencil does not emphasize possible peeling and does not dry the skin. The balm will also create an ideal base and prepare your lips for applying makeup.
  2. To add volume to your lips, grab a matte pencil to match your lips (or lipstick). Begin tracing lips with a pencil from the left corner of the upper lip, drawing a line exactly along the contour. After a third of the way, go out with a pencil literally 1-2 mm above the natural contour of the lips. After completing another third of the path, draw a line clearly along the contour. You need to lift only the central part of the lips in the area of ​​Cupid’s bow, so as not to look ridiculous. So the lips will look puffy and voluminous, but no one will notice that you changed their shape with makeup.
  3. Repeat the same method with the lower lip, leaving the contour only in the central part.
  4. Fill in the outer corners of the lips with a pencil and partially contour, leaving only the central part of the lips not painted. This will create the effect of more puffy lips.
  5. Correct the lip contour with a concealer, especially if you use bright or dark lipstick.
  6. Fill the entire surface of the lips with matte lipstick in the tone of a pencil, blending it well so that it blends with the contour pencil.
  7. In the center of the lips, apply lipstick a tone lighter or use a little balm – this will make up the lips with a 3D effect.

In the video, Ariel does not try to change the shape of Shay’s lips, only makes them more voluminous. But, if you need to remove the slight asymmetry, which is mainly manifested on the upper lip, then the makeup artist recommends orienting oneself on the corner of Cupid’s bow that stands above.

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