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Get More Ideas On How To Make The Most Beautiful Cake!

Get More Ideas On How To Make The Most Beautiful Cake! 36

Making a beautiful cake is an art! It is necessary not only to be able to bake, but also to decorate so that everyone is surprised and remember your confectionery masterpiece for life. Such cakes are now unusual and beautiful! The most amazing thing is that cakes make you smile – if they are made with such love and sense of humor.

There’s such a beautiful Instagram that has over a million followers. Bakingwithblondie shows amazing desserts, ice cream and, of course, cakes.

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Today’s serious question 😜: if you could fill an entire piñata with ONE candy or small thing, what would you load it up with and why? . Piñata cake I made from a few years ago, but gives me all the 🌮🌮🌮 vibes for tomorrow! I used a pedal tip and different shades of my vanilla buttercream to achieve this look. The cacti on top are fondant, as well as the custom fiesta sign. . It’s a brand new week and I have some fun things planned for my family to make it count! 🙌🏻 Also, I’m deciding which race to sign up for this summer. Right now I’m still in my “mileage building” stage, then we’ll actually have me add speed to where I’m at. I’m pretty sure most of the races this summer are “virtual” which pretty much takes all the true fun out of racing, to be honest (for me, anyways). Yes, you can run one at home and time it and call it good, but there’s something extra special about the atmosphere of actually racing. I love the feeling of being with the other runners, seeing my time as I cross the finish line, putting my hard work and training to the test. I’m keeping my eye out and can’t wait to do a couple this year – so we’ll see. Until then, I’ll just keep building my mileage (foundation to truly faster speeds to come!). Crossing my fingers St George Marathon here in Utah isn’t cancelled for my husband – he’s in the best running shape he’s been in since his BYU cross country team running days, and it would brake my heart if he had to postpone his big running plans for the next couple years!). But hey, it is what it is. We’ll keep running and training until it happens. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . As for tomorrow, bring on all the tacos!!! . #bakingwithblondie #cakeconfidence

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