Getting the Day Right: 8 ideas for a healthy breakfast

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Remember how many times you went to work, having drunk just a cup of strong coffee? Many of us do not find the time to prepare a healthy breakfast, but this is a mistake. A full meal in the morning energizes, improves mental activity and dulls the feeling of hunger during the day, so breakfast is necessary.

Are you ready to change your morning habits and learn to start the day right? Then proceed, we have prepared some great breakfast ideas for you!

How to make breakfast more healthy

We offer several valuable life hacks to help you prepare a tasty and nutritious breakfast for yourself and your family members. Some of these tips may seem unusual to you, but it will be more interesting to try them!

1. Make a coffee smoothie

coffee smoothie

If you are not a fan of natural breakfasts, but can’t imagine the beginning of the day without a cup of aromatic coffee, why not combine business with pleasure? Try making frozen fruit smoothies with unsweetened milk, a spoon of almond butter, and a little espresso! This morning drink will perfectly cheer you up and give you an interesting taste.

2. Salt the food properly

salt castor

Only 11% of salt is added to food during its preparation or already at the table, and the rest of this seasoning comes from processed foods. You can reduce the amount of salt consumed if you salt the food correctly: by hand, not by a salt shaker, and at a height of at least 30 cm above the plate. This will allow the seasoning to evenly distribute and reduce its amount in your breakfast.

3. Add cinnamon

cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder

According to the site HealthlineDaily consumption of cinnamon can help lower blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes. So feel free to spice up your morning coffee, yogurt or oatmeal with cinnamon!

4. Replace jam with peanut butter

nut butter in a spoon

A piece of toast with sugar jam is absorbed by your body more quickly than a peanut butter sandwich. This means that in the second case, you will feel hunger later. For extra satiety, choose whole grain bread – this will provide a combination of fiber and healthy fats.

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5. Eat Unsweetened Yogurt

plate of yogurt on the table

Just compare: 170 g of plain low-fat Greek yogurt contains about 6 grams of sugar, while its sweet fruit-flavored version has a whopping 19 grams! Nutritionists advise to gradually reduce the amount of sugar in the diet, so savory yogurt will be a good start to the day. Add to it some ingredients, such as chopped fruit or nuts, sprinkle with nutmeg powder or the same cinnamon – and you will have a pleasant taste!

6. Eat one egg.

stuffed eggs

The debate about the benefits and dangers of eggs has been fought by scientists for a long time. Some experts claim that two eggs a day is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but others say that eggs are still part of a well-balanced diet. Therefore, you can afford one whole egg for breakfast!

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7. Take care of a fallback

their bacon rolls stuffed with egg

Did you miss breakfast because you didn’t have time to cook it? Give up this dubious excuse, as you can use one of the quick options for a healthy snack. Prepare and freeze foods that you can take with you to work, such as sandwiches with eggs and vegetables, baked oatmeal bars, or muffins with fruits and nuts. It will not replace your full breakfast, but it will still be better than not eating in the morning at all.

8. Always add fruits and vegetables.

omelet with green peas

No one will argue with the fact that fruits and vegetables are rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition, they mainly consist of water, which allows for a long feeling of saturation. That is why you should try to add fruits and vegetables to almost all possible morning meals, starting with omelets and sandwiches and ending with cereals and smoothies.

These simple tips will allow you to prepare a healthy breakfast and recharge your batteries for the whole day. Take care of your health and eat properly, and share this article with your friends!

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