See Creative Hotels that Found an Approach to Every Client!

See Creative Hotels that Found an Approach to Every Client!

The best hotels compete with each other all the time, inventing funny things that attract new customers! Some of them approached this issue so creatively that we decided to share with you these brilliant ideas.

How hotels spoil their customers: 10 creative photos

We suggest you to feel yourself as a jury, and to determine which hotel will win in the nomination “The most creative approach to its customers”?

To your attention 10 mega creative photo ideas!

1. Feel at home

Cartoon characters

When all of your favorite heroes meet you at once, and the truth, you immediately feel at home. ?

2. Complete security

Door in the form of a safe

With such a door, any questions about security somehow disappear immediately …

3. When even a towel is affable!

The towel in the form of animals

Looks like even the towels here know how to get the customer back again. ?

4. Suddenly forget the day of the week? ..

Carpet in the hotel elevator

Who did not happen? Or maybe the staff just got so sick of everyone answering the same thing, that they solved this question in such a creative way!

5. Any whim!

Toilet paper

You will not please everyone? Challenge accepted!

6. And there is even a Tide ?

Automatic machine with bars

If you decide to wash in the middle of the night – the powder is always at hand! Feeling experience …

7. Never swim alone ?

Rubber duck in the bathroom

That feeling when you are again 3. ? There’s something about it!

8. Yes, and it happens

Sewing kit

And these guys know how to find a customer approach! Brilliant solution …

9. Towel is never enough!

Towels in the hotel

When promised the maid for a dollar for each additional towel. ?

10. Just do not get lost

Door to the room

The inscription and the top and bottom! So surely everyone got home, even after a tumultuous feast. ? Well, in fact, exit signs at the floor level are made in case of fire.

Michelle Obama’s Mom Doesn’t Treat Her Daughter As a Celebrity!

Bonus: Children have special privileges!

Boy in hotel bathroom

That’s what it means to cherish every customer!

Well, what hotel do you give first place? We are sure that if you collect them all in one, you get a real masterpiece!

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