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Test: How do you hold the steering wheel of a car? Will tell you what kind of driver you are

Test: How do you hold the steering wheel of a car? Will tell you what kind of driver you are 36

Have you noticed how you keep your hands on the steering wheel? When we drive a car, we involuntarily place our hands in a manner convenient for us. But few people thought that this could tell a lot about the character and in general about the personality of the driver. For this reason, Italian psychologists decided to develop a test for motorists, which tells how the manner of holding the steering wheel determines the character of the driver.

Look carefully at the picture and choose your style to keep your hands on the wheel

driver test

And now it’s time to learn something about yourself, as a driver, and how much your manner of keeping your hands on the steering wheel is safe when driving. It is important for every driver to know!

If you have chosen style No. 1

Such a choice positions you as a confident person. If you have been driving a car for a long time, then this position of your hands indicates your relaxation while driving. With your wit and resourcefulness, you stand out from the crowd. You are closer to mental labor than physical labor. You are used to achieving what you want without putting much effort into it.

Security: This is not the best way to drive a car, as it does not allow you to quickly react to a situation on the road. This style is more suitable for driving at medium speed. At high speeds, it will not give you the opportunity to quickly react and maneuver.

If you have chosen style number 2

You are an unsure person. Your suspiciousness, eternal fear, indecision and hesitation in decision making make you a coward. You do not like to take responsibility and it’s your nature to shift it to others when possible.

Security: This is considered a dangerous hand position on the steering wheel, as if necessary, you will not be able to sharply collapse.

If you have chosen style number 3

This is how egoists, people with special power, who believe that there is only their opinion and that is the only right one, hold the wheel. You always put your own interests first. This often prevents you from concentrating while driving, which can cause accidents.

Security: In this position, the hands partially obscure the roadway, which is inconvenient and even dangerous during movement.

If you have chosen style No. 4

You are neat, prone to a pessimistic mood. You used to be careful. You are one of those who measure seven times and only then cut one. Than to take some actions, you will first think a hundred times. You are not used to commit rash acts.

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Security: Holding the steering wheel in this position, the arm muscles become overworked, and as a result, you may feel pain due to constant tension.

If you have chosen style No. 5

You are an energetic person. You are extremely careful on the road. More often this style is chosen by people with vast experience in driving a car, as well as athletes who love speed.

Security: If you are an experienced driver, you can easily maneuver in any situation on the road. This style is suitable for those who like to drive at high speed. This position does not allow the hands to strain strongly, which means they will not get tired.

If you have chosen style number 6

You are a person with whom it is always easy to communicate. You are not used to hiding a grudge for a long time. You are not vindictive and resourceful. You are benevolent to everyone around you and you can even note your condescension towards people completely unfamiliar to you. All this is thanks to your discretion.

Security: This position of the hands leads to severe tension of the hands. This style is absolutely not suitable for overcoming long distances.

If you have chosen style number 7

You are a calm driver who chooses the peaceful resolution of conflict situations. You are resistant to stress. You are always in control. Therefore, the steering wheel of the car you hold tight and confident.

Security: So drivers with many years of experience driving a car hold the steering wheel. You are always on the alert and are used to keeping the road situation under control.

And how do you keep the steering wheel of a car? Share this test with your friends. Let them learn something about themselves as drivers.

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