The seventies are in fashion again. what will they be this Controversial fall?

The seventies are in fashion again. what will they be this Controversial fall?

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The seventies, with their seductive sense of freedom and courage, continue to inspire designers to re-imagine the style of the era and create modern versions of the “timeless classic”. What “updates in style” do we see today?

First, it’s styling. It no longer calls for nostalgia and repeating images from archive photos, but rather to enjoy today, to be bolder in combinations and not to be limited to harmony. In general, you will like it!

The well-known situation in the world, of course, greatly influenced the way we began to buy clothes. On the one hand, there is an increased interest in conscious consumption, on the other hand, the desire of people to dress in those things that are banal to please them and lift their spirits. Between these two poles, a little emotional, there is a trend towards investing in expensive classics, which nevertheless come from the seventies.

Yes, we know this decade from different angles: hippies, flowers, fringe – on the one hand, and on the other – textured, high-quality, bohemian wardrobe items that did not at all contradict the freedom-loving mood of those times. But the goal is to combine two needs – to dress up and at the same time not be sprayed with fleeting trends. The style of the seventies perfectly copes with these wishes: it can be elegant, and calm, and daring and sexy. The main thing is that its components are classic and familiar things. What you will do with them – it already depends on your own imagination.

Designers, who are also in the same situation, are forced to support the needs of the audience, therefore, in the fall-winter 2020 collections (as well as in plans for the future), more traditional, familiar silhouettes, a modern classic style striving for minimalism and sculpturing are clearly traced. Still, they well understand that this is what will withstand any tests, will remain in demand and will bypass any hype and hotly fashionable trend a few steps ahead.

But here’s the nuance. Fashion is known to be cyclical: it often looks into the past in order to “create” the future. However, this concept is not entirely true with the classic of the seventies, which plays by different rules. Interest in bourgeois style began, of course, even before the whole story of the coronavirus and has evolved from a style as such to a modern way of dressing. That is, all these cashmere turtlenecks, bell-bottomed trousers, plaid suits, midi skirts made of suede have gone beyond things in the spirit of the seventies and have become “everyday”, which is deliberately chosen by fashionable women.

But let’s take a closer look at what exactly is worth buying for an autumn wardrobe in order to satisfy the hunger for spectacular outputs, having in stock a proven set of “long-lasting” things.

Trench coat

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A trench coat, flared trousers, monograms – the aesthetics of the seventies in a modern way fits perfectly into the style of a big city, and it is customary to start autumn shopping with a raincoat. Good omen! But seriously, the trench coat is a really iconic thing of every fall season – sometimes it seems that September won’t even start without it. So arm yourself with a model in traditional light colors, and then play with it as you please. For example, using eccentric glasses.

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Smart blouse

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Spectacular blouses are another characteristic of the seventies. These can be models not only with ruffles, puffy sleeves, but also unexpectedly bold cutouts. With them, the image turns out to be a little dramatic and a little theatrical. So it was conceived. Wear these blouses with tailored suits and more traditional pieces. For example, classic-cut trousers or a knee-length skirt. The choice of color depends on your preferences and objectives. For example, black is perfect for dinners in a restaurant, dates, theatrical premieres. White will brighten up any weekday and will perfectly fit into the image with jeans and Cossacks.


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From a practical point of view, a trouser suit does not seem to everyone to be a good choice, but from an aesthetic point of view, the opposite. With him immediately there are associations with style icons of the past – Bianca Jagger or Charlotte Rempling. Costumes are stylized today, of course, differently. They are worn with ordinary white T-shirts, sneakers or sandals. The choice of shades is varied – this is not only a classic basic range, but also not the most universal colors like pink or white. In general, costumes are now even taken on vacation, so it makes sense to reconsider your attitude towards them if it is still skeptical.



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High boots – smooth or accordion – are a must-have for a smart way out. With them, any dress, blouse or trousers will be transformed (modern women of fashion even tuck the latter into shoes). So if you’re going to save money, don’t do it on boots. Secretly: brown leather looks more expensive, but black models are easier to adapt to clothes. So in this matter, look at your wardrobe before rushing to the checkout with your favorite couple. Although we can understand you, we ourselves do this sometimes.


Dress with large print

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Remember we mentioned floral prints above? So, they are characteristic not only of hippie chic, but also quite adequate to the classical genre. That is, a dress for working with a floral pattern is quite the norm if the print is consistent with the theme. And flowers in the spirit of the seventies cannot be confused with anything. The palette also complies with the “standards” of autumn – these are already typical shades for a given season. The materials are expensive and beautiful, such as silk and satin. A flowered cotton dress is a completely different story.

Leather jacket

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Autumn without a fashionable leather jacket is not autumn. This is the perfect thing for a company with jeans, midi skirts, delicate dresses. Such a jacket is really a worthy investment and a key element of the wardrobe, which is not afraid of successive trends and occasions: it can be worn both for work and for an informal meeting and even a social event.