Waking up early. what is its Undeniable benefit and how to wake up energetic?

Waking up early. what is its Undeniable benefit and how to wake up energetic?

ben September 7, 2020 0

In the battle between “owls” and “larks”, the latter are winning with the support of scientific research: experts say that the most beneficial for sleep is the time 1.5-2 hours before midnight. It turns out that if you fall asleep before 22:00, then your body has time to rest and renew itself faster than when you go to bed at midnight with an equal total sleep duration. Other scientists add a couple more armor-piercing arguments: going to bed early improves brain function and overall skin condition, and waking up at dawn is a more natural process for humans than we ourselves think.

It turns out that the “owl” mode with late going to bed and a sharp awakening half an hour before leaving the house is nothing more than a bad habit that you can really get rid of with the help of self-control?


How to wake up energetic?

Getting up early is hard for everyone because of the lack of energy: you set the alarm clock at the desired 5:00, but you don’t find the strength to get out of bed exactly before 7:00. For some, strong coffee or a much more healthy glass of warm water with slices of lemon and ginger does not help – the brain categorically does not want to wake up. Start by learning to wake up early, gradually: set your alarm 10 minutes earlier every day and don’t be tempted to lie in bed for another 10 minutes.

Before bed, try to eat right and not overeat. Remember that a low-calorie dinner creates lightness throughout the body and is responsible for a quick fall to bed, as well as a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom: cool air, your favorite book at hand and no gadgets about an hour before bedtime. Teach yourself to wake up motivated by keeping a morning wake-up diary and writing down everything you did in the morning. As you reread these notes, you will be proud of your successes and find the strength to not give up.

What other techniques motivate even hardened “owls” to wake up early?


Start your day … with relaxation

The main argument of all those who find it difficult to get off the pillow before 8:00: morning is a dream stolen from the body. Why would I wake up two hours earlier, depriving myself of precious time for rest and relaxation? Our answer: in order to give the body another rest, for which you usually do not have enough time during the day. For example, yoga, stretching, cycling, or an early trip to the pool. Allow your body to wake up in a smooth but still movement through simple asanas or swims in a calm rhythm. Not everyone is suitable for acceleration to fifth gear from the very early morning: listen to your body and stop at the load that is more comfortable for it.


Get things done that your hands can’t reach

Finishing a book, sorting out bills or preparing a complicated breakfast for ourselves – each of us has a fad somewhere at the intersection of “want” and “need”, for which we cannot seize the moment for a whole week or two. Wake up earlier to buy time from yourself and finish what you did not manage before. As a result, for the whole day you will get the glory of the winner warming your soul – a trifle, but nice for self-esteem!


Admire the city

Such a strange, but in its own way charming autumn of 2020 is given to us in a single copy – do not dare to miss it without vivid impressions and memories. In 20 years, all the most exciting things in our life happened on Fridays and Saturdays, and in order to start appreciating and loving early mornings, you will have to grow up a little. And with this change, magic begins. Try going for a jog in your favorite city park at 6:00 or showing up to meet the sunrise at the observation deck closest to your home, and the moment the city wakes up with you, you will feel an even stronger affection for it.


Learn new

Scientists claim that in the morning the brain absorbs new information more efficiently. Perhaps you should check this statement for yourself by preparing textbooks on a foreign language near your bed or turning on an online computer science course on your laptop. What if you are also a morning person when it comes to learning? Motivate yourself with statistics: due to daily early wakes, you will be able to carve out about 10 extra hours a week for yourself, and this is quite enough for immersion in any, even difficult educational subject.


Enjoy the silence

Waking up at 5:00 am, you are surprised to discover some other Universe: your family is asleep, the city has not yet picked up the morning rhythm, no one pesters you with work questions, and there is an amazing silence around. Use this moment for the benefit of your psyche: meditate, write a diary of your own emotions, engage in bodily practices, or simply explore yourself from the inside, psychologically.


Start your day not with haste, but with a careful filtering of your thought flow: what needs to be done, what state you want to come to, and what feelings, negative or positive, you feel about it.


Add one more victory!

Learning to wake up early and making it a habit is not an easy task. But, having already embarked on the path of its execution, you train strong will, endurance and self-control. If you can overcome yourself and the alarm clock, then write down one more personal victory in your imaginary resume, a victory under yourself, over laziness, over the tradition of postponing everything for later and doing like everyone else. Following the example of this winning maneuver, you can then turn many, many accomplishments and be justly proud of yourself.


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