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Basic 5 foods that make your face swell in the morning

Basic 5 foods that make your face swell in the morning 36

Very often, when we wake up with face swelling, swelling under the eyes or a pillow face, we blame fatigue or Netflix with its exciting series that we watched the night before the night before. However, we do not think at all that some foods eaten at the wrong time can provoke the accumulation of fluid in the body. As a result, in the morning we see in the mirror not our beautiful face, but “fear and horror of childhood” with swollen eyelids, cheeks and a floating facial contour. In addition to fear, shock and terrible disappointment, you will also find treacherous dark circles under your eyes!

In order not to have all kinds of panic in the morning do a lymphatic drainage facial massage which at least helps a little remove puffiness, Furilia strongly recommends that you pay attention to what your dinner consists of. It is much more important to know the list of products that lead to the accumulation of water in the body to avoid problems.

The following foods provoke swelling, so it is advisable to eat them in the morning if you can’t refuse this food at all.

Foods that provoke swelling

Wheat bread and flour products

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

According to nutritionists such as a Hollywood nutritionist and naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib, gluten in bread and white flour products may be one of the main causes of facial swelling. Scientists have even come up with a definition for this condition – gluten face. Of course, not all people have wheat products that cause swelling, only those who suffer from gluten intolerance. Acne often appears in the forehead, cheeks and chin, the cheeks swell and redden, and the eyelids swell at people with individual gluten intolerance.

Experts also claim that excess gluten harms everyone, even healthy people, so be careful how much bread and when you eat it.

Try to give up wheat products for at least 21 days, especially in the evening. You will notice that in the morning in the mirror you will no longer be met by a swollen face.

Fresh tomatoes

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

A healthy diet product that causes a “frog effect” in the morning is a fresh tomato. This berry belongs to the nightshade family, which means it contains solanine. Moreover, in high doses. This substance causes inflammation on the mucous membranes, which treacherously affects the face. Literally. If you eat a lot of fresh tomatoes in the evening, then swelling under the eyes in the morning can not be avoided.


5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

These delicious vegetables, which are in terms of nutrition of various diets, can also cause swelling. They, like tomatoes, belong to the nightshade family and contain solanine. It is not scientifically proven, however, that eggplant precisely leads to edema, but Gwyneth Paltrow and many supermodels, who are attentive to their own beauty, regularly indicate this in their hey tips. However, do not be afraid of this vegetable and do not completely exclude it from your diet, like Paltrow. With heat treatment, solanine is no longer so harmful. To imagine that someone eats raw eggplant is difficult. Nevertheless, it makes sense to refuse canned and pickled eggplants. At least in the evening. Perhaps in these dishes lies the cause of your edema.


5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

Another obvious pest for beauty and figure. It also causes swelling of the face and the so-called Sugar Face. Too much sugar in the diet can cause the elastic collagen fibers in our skin to become stiff and inflexible. Along with sagging skin, sugar increases insulin levels and retains water in the body. As a result of this, the face looks swollen the very next morning after eating foods containing sugar.

Sugar also affects the balance of bacteria in the intestines, which can lead to acne on the face, shoulders and chest. But what’s the most annoying, it can also affect eyebrows. Due to the imbalance of insulin, the hair on the eyebrows looks thin and can fall out.

Give up foods that contain sugar and you will notice the difference. These include not only sweets, but also store sauces, ketchup, preservation, alcohol and bakery products.

Milk products

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

5 Foods That Make Your Face Swell In The Morning

Whole milk, cream, hard cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk – all these products provoke inflammation in our body and lead to facial swelling. So a glass of kefir for the night is not a good idea. But this does not mean that you need to completely deny yourself all milk products. You can eat goat milk or lactose-free dairy products. Yogurts and fermented cheeses that contain probiotics are also considered relatively harmless. Probiotics are very beneficial bacteria that regulate bowel function.

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