What Foods Will Improve Health In January? “Wake up” Your Body!

What Foods Will Improve Health In January? “Wake up” Your Body!

ben January 19, 2020 0

January is the middle of winter. The time when daylight is already arriving,
but we still don’t see enough sunshine and experience stress, drowsiness and apathy. Plus, the decline in vitality and low tone. How to “wake up” your the body? Of course, with the help of proper nutrition!

Citrus fruits

In this cold period, please yourself with the bright and sunny gifts of warm countries – lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits. Moreover, they contain a good supply of vitamin C – the main assistant in the fight against viruses and bacteria. For the preventive effect, you need to eat at least 1 orange per day.


Dry air, low humidity, temperature changes and warm clothes do not add beauty to the skin and hair. Hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanuts contain vegetable fats, vitamins A, E, B and trace elements that naturally enhance health. It is enough to eat a handful of nuts a day.


A storehouse of vitamins and proteins, and even in highly digestible form (vitamins A, D, amino acids). Another undoubted advantage of the egg is the ease of its preparation. Feel free to eat 1 egg a day.


Another unique natural source of vitamin C and iron. Kiwi benefits are highest in the winter months. In addition to vitamin bonuses, kiwi improves intestinal motility and the work of the gastrointestinal tract, is useful for the cardiovascular system. 1-2 fruits per day will have a significant effect on well-being.

The apples

You can long list the beneficial properties of apples – pectin, vitamin C, iron, organic acids, alkaline effect, magnesium, iodine. And this is not the whole list. Just include 2 apples a day in your diet – the result will not be long in coming! It is better to choose local apples – they are most useful.


This amazing spicy vegetable can set the heat on the much-praised pineapple fat burning. And he has the ability to calm the nervous system, improves metabolism, reduces blood pressure, helps fight viruses. Add celery to salads and lose weight with pleasure!


It is in winter that our body most needs marine fish – unsaturated acids, iodine, B vitamins and plus diet – this product is simply necessary in the cold season!

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