What Sports Best Increase Libido?

What Sports Best Increase Libido?

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What sports best increase libido? Sport is almost like sex, and sometimes even better. Both processes are physical activity, increase the pulse and body temperature, causing us to sweat, and trigger the main mechanism in the body, for the sake of which, in fact, everything is started – the production of pleasure hormones and endorphins. True, during a run you are unlikely to get an orgasm, but thanks to the stamina that is developed during cyclic sports, you can get much more pleasure in bed.

So, what kinds of sports are the ideal partner in business increase libido?

Cardio training: running, swimming, cycling, aerobics and dancing

What Sports Best Increase Libido?

Yes, cardio is exactly the kind of physical activity that you will be grateful for the opportunity to receive long-term pleasure in bed without shortness of breath and tachycardia.

This is running, aerobics, dancing, cycling (or cycling), swimming – all kinds of activities that keep you in the aerobic zone.

Study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that people who regularly did cardio workouts had fewer sexual problems caused by physical factors compared to those who did this only occasionally. Such problems include erectile dysfunction in men or the inability to feel excited in women.

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Women who regularly trained at least three times a week reported improved sex quality and easy and quick excitability.

Another study conducted at the University of California showed that regular training four times a week for nine months increases the amount of sex by 30%, and the number of orgasms received by about 25%.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the run separately, as it increases fertility in women (the possibility of becoming pregnant). Study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that women who worked 30 minutes or more per day significantly reduced the risk of infertility due to ovulation disorders.

In addition, running increases stamina, and this is exactly what you need during a bed marathon. This applies to both men and women. Agree, it is much more pleasant to enjoy without shortness of breath, cramps in tired muscles and pain in the side?


What Sports Best Increase Libido?

Bikram Yoga – Another type of physical activity that promises that you will enjoy a little faster. True, this fact applies more to guys. Training at a temperature of about 40 degrees will make you sweat well. Scientists claim that sweating is good because sweat glands secrete the hormone androstadienone (found in male sweat and semen), which makes women want when they hear this smell.

There is good news for women too – yoga classes relieve stress, improve sleep and increase flexibility. All these factors together give the opportunity to get more pleasure from sex, and from life in general.


Pilates like a yoga, – it’s all about flexibility and endurance in static positions. It’s hard to enjoy sex when you just think but if you’ll jam your lower back in this position, a what’s with your knees and in general you don’t add up!

Pilates will help to deal with these problems, and at the same time correct posture.


IN conclusion I want to remind you that in everything it is desirable to comply with the measure. If you kill yourself in the gym every day for two to three hours, it will not bring anything good: physical fatigue, injuries and too much testosterone, which causes only a breakdown in the female body.

Practice your health and enjoy yourself!

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