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Your Zodiac Sign According To the Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

Your Zodiac Sign According To the Ancient Egyptian Horoscope 36

The ancient Egyptians first painted the starry sky in the 3rd millennium BC. Between 300 and 30 BC e. they identified 12 zodiac signs on it, relying on the Babylonian and Ancient Greek horoscopes. Unlike Western astrology, in which each sign is given only a month, in Egyptian one can be repeated from two to four times a year. They are named after the ancient gods, each of whom gives people unique character traits. Want to know yours? Then read:

12 zodiac signs according to the ancient Egyptian horoscope

Just select the gap in which you were born and find out who patronizes you.


card with zodiac signs
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  • January 1-7;
  • June 19-28;
  • September 1-7;
  • November 18-26.

The first sign of the zodiac is not at all the Egyptian god, but the mighty river Nile itself. She gives people born at this time, affectionate, calm, loving character. Representatives of this sign are very observant by nature and have an easygoing disposition. But the heat of passion can lead them to an unpredictable change of mood.


image of god amon-ra
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  • January 8-21;
  • February 1-11.

Amon-Ra – the ruler of the gods, watching the sun, the universe and all living creatures that inhabit it. People born under this zodiac sign have strong leadership qualities. They are curious, optimistic and all have their own point of view. Representatives of this sign are very humane and generous personalities. Their only drawback is selfishness and stubbornness.


drawing of the egyptian goddess
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  • January 22-31;
  • September 8-22.

Mother Goddess Mut protects and educates. It gives people born in this period loyalty, which may take time to manifest. They make wonderful parents, nurses and teachers. The weak point of the representatives of this sign is a deep emotionality, which makes them too vulnerable.


drawing of an egyptian god
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  • February 12-29;
  • August 20-31.

Geb is the god of the earth, connecting her with the sky. The people he patronizes are endowed with intuition and sensitivity. They know how to sympathize and empathize, paying attention to the feelings of other people. But their kindness can be used for selfish purposes, so they need to be careful.


Osiris drawing
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  • March 1-10;
  • November 27 – December 18.

Osiris is the god of rebirth and the underworld. People born during this period are charismatic and intelligent, but can be vulnerable. They are leaders by nature and love to discover new activities. Representatives of this zodiac sign are impatient because of their temperament, which can lead to disappointment. These people do not always stand up to criticism, therefore they can break under pressure.


drawing of the goddess isis
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  • March 11-31;
  • October 18-29;
  • December 19-31.

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of marriage, medicine and magic. She endows the people she patronizes with ultimate honesty. Representatives of this zodiac sign are confident, energetic and open. They are demanding of themselves and others, because of which they are sometimes misunderstood. But once you get to know them better, all questions disappear by themselves.


figure of god thoth
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  • April 1-19;
  • November 8-17.

He in ancient Egypt is the god of the moon, wisdom and fellowship. People born in this period are creative. They are full of ideas and have a penchant for experimentation. They make good teachers. Representatives of this zodiac sign are very loyal and know how to maintain relationships with people. But once they are betrayed, they will turn away from man forever.


papyrus with eye mountain
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  • April 20 – May 7;
  • August 12-19.

Horus is the god of heaven protecting Egypt and Pharaoh. He gives people born in this period, hard work and self-confidence. They are caring and sociable, love change and believe that they are only for the better. On the other hand, the representatives of this sign are stubborn and jealous, which prevents them from compromising.


figure of god anubis
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  • May 8-27;
  • June 29 – July 13.

Anubis guards the entrance to hell, acting as a conductor of the deceased in the other world. People whom he patronizes have creative inclinations, tolerance and the ability to sympathize. In life they see both bad and good, but work hard to better understand others. At the same time, their introspective nature makes them a little reserved and prone to a change in mood.


drawing of god set
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  • May 28 – June 18;
  • September 28 – October 2.

Seth is the Egyptian god of desert, chaos and transformation. People born in this period, all their lives looking for their soul mates. They like change and adventure, they are constantly looking for what will make them happy. Representatives of this zodiac sign are big dreamers and perfectionists. These character traits are both their strengths and weaknesses.


figure of the goddess bastet
a photo:


  • July 14-28;
  • September 23-27;
  • October 3-17.

Bastet is a warrior goddess who patronizes women and fertility. People born in this period are looking for a calm, measured life. They prefer to do what brings them joy, rather than disappointment. They are attracted by pleasure. Representatives of this sign are working hard and very loyal to other people.

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figure of the goddess Sekhmet
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  • July 29 – August 11;
  • October 30 – November 7.

Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt is the goddess of the sun, war and healing. People born in this period are distinguished by perfectionism. They see the world in black and white. Representatives of this zodiac sign are very disciplined and practical. They are leaders by nature and, if not for their ego, could have achieved more in life.

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