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Awesome Warm Oversized Shirt is Must-have for autumn 2020/21

Awesome Warm Oversized Shirt is Must-have for autumn 2020/21 36

Bright and original things give a pleasant victory feeling when buying, but basic and universal, as practice proves, last longer and you start to like it even more while wearing. It seems to us that it was warm shirts that combined the qualities of a fashionable and practical thing, and the Scandinavian beauty bloggers managed to try them on in the summer, with short shorts and dresses. However, the best time for this piece of clothing is right now, in the capricious off-season, when it is still hot in a down jacket, and in a single leather jacket it is already cold.

How to wear a warm, or, as it is also called in some online stores, a tight shirt? We love the tactic Victoria Beckham uses at the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 show: the shirt is tucked into the skirt like a top, creating a monumental voluminous top, or worn over the dress to make the latter even warmer. In the first case, you can put on a thin top with shoulder straps under the shirt and, if desired, later turn it into a jacket – for example, if you go to a restaurant in the evening. In the second case, a T-shirt with jeans, overalls or even … another shirt, only made of thinner material, may appear in place of the dress. By the way, a warm and tight shirt will be a real salvation for pregnant women in the fall, because it can be buttoned on the neck and left unbuttoned in the abdomen. How do you like this new vision of an already familiar piece of clothing?

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2020/2021

Leather shirt

One of the most luxuriously attractive shades of brown is caramel brown. The faux leather shirt adds a nice glossy glow to it. With such a “glazed” top, your look will definitely become tastier, and if you want to get yourself a suit, then the same color trousers will suit the shirt.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21. Mango Faux Leather Shirt

Tiger print warm shirt

The French brand Isabel Marant is one of the trendsetters for warm shirts. Its designer Isabelle Maran loves clothes with interesting, but not shocking, prints that play surprisingly cool in a casual style.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Isabel Marant

Warm corduroy shirt

Before you is a shade of indescribable beauty, which we took the trouble to come up with an appetizing name – “creamy lavender””. We recommend it to all those who have found too much gray in the closet: pastel lavender perfectly diversifies the gray scale.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Stradivarius Corduroy Shirt

Warm tweed shirt

We can guess that this shirt is copied from Christian Dior – this fact is revealed by the colors and fringes. Why not style it the same way the famous French fashion house does it? For example, with black leather pants or with a translucent black tulle skirt.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Zara Belted Check Shirt

Warm denim shirt

Dark blue denim is absolutely irreplaceable in summer, autumn, winter and spring. With this oversized shirt you will be able to create many different looks, ranging from additions in the form of skirts of an unusual texture (for example, sequins or patent leather!) And ending with very sexy dresses for which this shirt will become a temporary “cover”.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Oversized denim shirt H&M

Warm faux suede shirt

We sincerely advise you not to ignore the white color in autumn, especially when it comes to affordable new products from the mass market. Sometimes a thing doesn’t serve you two seasons in a row, but a few cool looks that could cheer you up are enough to justify the purchase in your head.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Pull & Bear Faux Suede Shirt

Warm flannel shirt

We share with you a useful life hack: warm and tight shirts are also worth looking for in men’s collections. And finally, one bad advice: you can still give such a shirt to your boyfriend, and then secretly (or openly) wear it with him for two.

Oversized Shirt Is Must-Have For Autumn 2020/21

Billionaire Boys Club Flannel Shirt

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