Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations

Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations

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Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations. Have you thanked the universe today? Psychologists advise you to do this regularly, so a connection is established between you and the force that has created and supports us all. And also, as noted by experts, it has a very good effect on … our skin.

Yes, you heard right, so many instruments that are commonly used in esoteric practices have penetrated the beauty industry: crystals, reiki, gratitude meditations. Moreover, they penetrated a long time ago: the editor of the American “Glamor” 10 years ago she treated herself in this way cellulite. Other experimenters installed an application on their phone where daily reminders came to thank the skin, and the results were impressive.

Influencers admit that they keep diaries of gratitude, this helps them stay in the present, practice love for themselves and experience a feeling of real gratitude for their skin. “I love to repeat it: gratitude is part of my personal self-care,” says the director Christina Grasso.

She published several photographs where, behind expensive creams on shelves, there are pieces of paper for the morning beauty ritual: “List five people in your life that you are grateful for,” “Establish an intention for this day.” Skin care and personal care are closely intertwined. Why don’t we try to do the same?

Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations
Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations

“I was lucky that, thanks to generous gifts and work, a very well-equipped beauty parlor is at my service. But not a single product will buy happiness or true self-confidence, ”says Grasso. She calls her cosmetics “complementary care” and argues that primary care is “doing the inner work, of which gratitude is part of me.”

Grasso tells how she came up with this idea. About ten years ago, she had to be treated for an eating disorder. “Someone told me about the power of affirmations. At first I made fun of this idea, but then it seemed to me intriguing, can we really retrain our brain, challenging cognitive distortions and processes? ” – tells Grasso by email.

This is not an exaggeration: studies show that affirmations – positive statements – increase brain activity in areas related to reward and evaluation, and may even influence future positive behavior.

Affirmations give more than we can imagine, says Dr. Howard Murad, a pharmacist and founder of Murad Skincare. He is sure: they can even change your skin. In addition to cosmetics, his clinic offers to download Dr. Murad’s Inspirations. You’ll receive positive statements on your phone, the doctor’s favorite saying: “Why spend the day badly, if you can spend it well?”

“The 11 statements I recommend today are based on a clinical study that has produced positive, measurable results related to stress reduction,” says Dr. Murad. Reducing stress leads to better sleep, which improves skin condition. After “eight weeks of saying these 11 statements twice a day and recording them in their diary for five minutes,” the subjects saw “a reduction in dark circles under the eyes, redness, and even wrinkles,” says Dr. Murad.

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Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations
Best Free Skin Care: Beauty Affirmations

Studies prove that gratitude exercises reduce anxiety and depression and reduce them in the long run. “And everything that reduces stress levels improves skin health,” says Dr. Amy Wexler, a psycho-dermatologist (she is twice certified in psychiatry and dermatology), who studies the connection between reason and beauty.

“The internal work on ourselves and gratitude is manifested in a completely new kind of skin glow that even the best highlighter in the world cannot give you,” says Summer Fridays co-founder Lauren Gores. “When someone feels good and joyful, it manifests on his face, the protective function of the skin works better,” the psychodermatologist explains. Keeping a thank you diary helps skin “Stay hydrated, it’s better to regenerate cells and generally look brighter.” Thus, the metaphorical view “illuminated from within” is not so much metaphorical as scientific.

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“Internal and external are a reflection of each other,” I am sure Lala Delia certified spiritual practitioner and author of Vibrate Higher Daily. – So, acne on the face can indicate a problem that “wants to be noticed,” and you ignore it. And dull skin can occur as a result of ignoring the goals of your soul. “It’s important to add more love, more mercy, increase your vibration, and allow yourself to express itself to this part of yourself,” says Delia.

Where to start your gratitude to the skin? With morning meditation, a few deep breaths and exhalations, words to myself: “Thank you, skin.” Think about the fact that your skin does everything to protect you, find a positive in any “lack” on it.

Regardless of the condition of the skin, say her such words:

“Thank you, skin, for communicating with me every day and helping me make the best choice for my health and well-being.”

“Thank you, skin, for being so supple.”

“Thank you, skin, for cleansing yourself in the very best way you know how.”

This will help you see your skin through the prism of love, you will be filled with gratitude – and it’s completely free!

Of course, do not forget about your daily beauty routine, but also remember the enormous power of the word “thank you”, after which you shine with beauty.


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