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Discover 10 Incredible Movies Based On Real Events

Discover 10 Incredible Movies Based On Real Events 36

Discover 10 Incredible Movies Based On Real Events. Films based on real events have always inspired viewers and enjoyed popularity. Fortunately for scriptwriters and directors, the world provides a huge amount of real stories for new films. It’s hard to compose material on which classic films such as “The Titanic” or “Catch Me If You Can” are based. It is even more difficult to come up with horror, such as the one in which people lived in the Zodiac. Everything that happens in these films is not a figment of the imagination of the scriptwriters (well, there is an author’s fiction there, but it doesn’t change the essence).

If you like biopic or just inspirational paintings, you will like our selection. We have compiled for you 10 incredible films based on real events.

127 hours

Movies Based On Real Events 127 hours

Denis Boyle told the story of mountain climber Aron Ralston in this picture. The main character is played by James Franco, and many critics consider her the best work of the actor. On April 25, 2003, climber Aron Ralston came home, packed up his backpack, and set out on a trip to the familiar Horse Show Canyon. This could be another story about the conqueror of canyons, if not for the case. The climber’s hand was caught by a stone weighing more than 300 kilograms. In this position, Ralston spent six days. To find out all the intricacies of the story, we suggest you watch this movie. He is inspiring.

“Catch Me If You Can”

Movies Based On Real Events

This film is not included in the five best films of Stephen Spielberg, and nevertheless, the audience loved the duet of Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is based on real events and tells about Frank Abignail, an expert in documentary security, who in the 60s made a lot of grandiose scams that hit the world. Frank became interested in the FBI and they threw one of the best agents, Karl Hanratti (the hero of Hanks), into his search. He followed the trail of a swindler for several years. How Abignaille from the swindler became an FBI consultant – see in the film.

“In the spotlight”

Movies Based On Real Events

This picture received two Oscar figurines in the nomination “Best Film” and “Best Screenplay.” The tape talks about The Boston Globe’s journalistic investigation of sexual harassment in the Catholic Church. The investigation led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Lowe. However, the picture does not revolve around the personality of the cardinal, but around the journalists. The tape shows what difficulties the media workers faced during the investigation. For all novice journalists, this film is definitely worth a look.


Movies Based On Real Events

If you like crime dramas shot on real events, don’t ignore this picture with Robert Downey Jr. All America in the late 60s was terrified by the serial killer, who called himself the Zodiac. We think this is not such a spoiler: the maniac’s identity has not yet been established. The film also tells about the work of the police, with whom the crazy killer played cat and mouse. The scriptwriters painstakingly studied all the data and archives in order to reliably convey the horror in which the Zodiac kept San Francisco for 25 years. Thanks to Fincher’s impeccable direction, this investigation story has become even more dramatic and intimidating than just a series of murders.

Battle of the Sexes

Movies Based On Real Events

An incredible film about the confrontation between two extraordinary personalities and athletes – 29-year-old tennis player Billy Jean King and 55-year-old Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs. They have to fight in the first match in the world, where professional athletes of different sexes compete on equal terms. The film is perfect for our time: it talks about the equal rights and prejudices of society, as well as just about sports and how difficult it is to remain yourself in our crazy world. The cast is just gorgeous.

“Tonya against all”

Movies Based On Real Events

Since we went from crime to sports, it would be foolish not to include in the selection of films shot on real events this biopic who brought Margot Robbie the first nomination for “Oscar” and many other awards. Robbie played Tonya Harding – the figure skater, who became the first American who managed to complete the triple axel. Although Tonya became famous not at all for her sporting achievements, but for her complex character and grandiose scandal. The girl so dreamed of getting to the Olympics that she was ready to take any measures to remove her opponent from her path.

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“The wife of the zoo keeper”

Movies Based On Real Events

Want to cry over the weekend? Then look at this picture. During World War II, a married couple Jan and Antonina Zhabinsky, zoo rangers, committed a heroic deed, for which they later received the title of Righteous Among the World. Zhabinsky provided refuge to persecuted Jews, risking their own lives. Jews secretly made their way to them from the Warsaw ghetto to hide from the Nazis. Spouses saved hundreds of innocent people during the war, and the film helped to tell this story so that the new generation remembered their feat.


Movies Based On Real Events

Is there anything worth writing about this film by James Cameron, who has earned 11 Oscar statuettes, becoming one of three films that have earned so many awards at the same time. Jack and Rose, the main characters of the film, fell in love with each other, being members of various social layers. They met for the first time aboard the ship in 1912, making its first and last voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. You know what happened next.

The Greatest Showman

Movies Based On Real Events

Last year, another film, shot on real events, “The Greatest Showman,” starring Hugh Jackman, thundered. The picture received three nominations for the Golden Globe and one for the Oscar. It’s great family movie. The tape tells about the life of America’s greatest showman Phineas Barnum. It’s hard to believe, but his career began with failure. He lost his job and was left without a livelihood. Finding himself in a hopeless situation, Barnum recalled that he had long dreamed of organizing a traveling circus. This he did.

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Dark Times

Movies Based On Real Events

The film, which received six Oscar nominations, won in two of them. Byopik brought the award to Gary Oldman for his incredible transformation into Winston Churchill. The picture tells about the decisive actions that the British Prime Minister took immediately after being appointed to this difficult position. Churchill had a difficult time: in the first months of World War II he had to prove that Britain was still strong. It was extremely important to repulse the advancing adversary and at the same time overcome internal conflicts in the government.

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