From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about

From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about

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We’re used to seeing celebrities in all their glory. They shine on screens and red carpets, look flawless and post cheerful photos from different parts of the world on their social networks. But did you know that some of them have been suffering from serious enough diseases for a long time? There are stars who do not hide their diagnosis, and there are those who prefer to keep quiet about their health problems.

What diseases are fighting famous people?

1. Tom Hanks

From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about
Tom Hanks with his wife. Photo credit:

Since 2013, the world-famous actor has been living with a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Tom Hanks himself sins on his youth, not hiding that often made mistakes, for which he pays now. According to him, he did not think about what he ate, and did not monitor his health. When the actor noticeably became full, he did not attach importance to it at first. But since he was diagnosed, he has completely redefined his diet and attitude to food.

2. Halle Berry

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The American actress, like Tom Hanks, has diabetes. The star found out about her diagnosis by accident. She was 23 when she passed out during filming. Holly was taken to the clinic, where doctors diagnosed her with diabetes. The young girl was shocked to hear about her diagnosis. I’d love to. No one in Berry’s family had diabetes and had no predisposition to such a terrible disease. The actress had no choice but to pick herself up and take care of her health. According to her, sport helps her to make life much easier.

3. Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin battled Lyme disease for years but never made a full recovery. He still suffers from a chronic form of tick-borne borreliosis. The star actor still reproaches himself for frivolity. Alec Baldwin mistook the first signs of a terrible illness for a complex form of flu. He repeated the fatal mistake of Avril Navin, who at one time held the same opinion at first. Like other celebrity victims of Lyme disease, the Hollywood actor had to go through more than one course of treatment to recover and get to work. However, the consequences of this disease sometimes make themselves felt, of which Alec Baldwin was convinced more than once.

4. Pamela Anderson

From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about
Pamela Anderson/Instagram

Pamela Anderson has been battling hepatitis C for over ten years. The actress contracted the virus from her ex-husband Tommy Lee when she used his needle while getting a tattoo. Recently, the 48-year-old actress admitted that she finally defeated the disease: “I am cured! I just found out about it! I pray that everyone who lives with hepatitis C will have the opportunity to receive treatment. It will become more available soon. Although I know it will still be difficult to obtain it … “

5. Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian

From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about
Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian. Photo credit: Pinterest

Kim has a serious skin condition with which she has been living for many years. Of course, today there are many ways to treat psoriasis, but according to Kim, none of them have worked so far. She is glad that this disease is not contagious, because she can freely communicate with people without fear of transmitting the infection to them. Kim also said that before psoriasis was the reason for her complexes associated with explicit filming, but it was the nude photo shoots that she loved so much that helped her cope with shyness. And self-tanning helps to hide red spots and achieve an even skin tone.

Supermodel Cara Delevingne also suffers from psoriasis, which is regularly exacerbated by stress.

6. Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Seal

From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about
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In early 2014, Selena Gomez announced a career break. Fans wondered what prompted the girl to make this decision, and recently Selena herself spoke about the reasons for the pause – she was undergoing chemotherapy, which she was prescribed after being diagnosed with lupus. The singer was on the verge of a stroke, so she needed urgent treatment.


It is not known what kind of lupus Selena had. There are two types of it – lupus vulgaris and systemic erythematosus. The first case is tuberculosis of the skin, the second is an autoimmune disease that affects connective tissues. This is the type of lupus that Lady Gaga suffers from, which is pursued by chronic fatigue, muscle pain, sudden changes in temperature and a rash on her cheeks.

After suffering from lupus erythematosus in childhood, the singer Seal left characteristic scars on his face. The artist managed to cure the external manifestations of the disease, but the congenital immunodeficiency does not allow the musician to live without drugs that support the protective functions of the body.

7. Charlie Sheen: living with HIV

From Diabetes to Parkinson’s Behind The Scenes. 10 diseases of the celebrities that few people know about
Charlie Sheen instagram

A scandal erupted: at one of the talk shows, the famous artist Charlie Sheen admitted that he had been fighting HIV for some years. He also said that he has been paying blackmailers for silence for several years. The impetus for recognition was the information leak: information about Shin’s illness got into the well-known tabloids. The artist decided it was time to confess. His speech had consequences. Within 24 hours, four girlfriends filed a lawsuit against Charlie: they allegedly did not know about his illness. But there was also a positive: Shin vied with each other to be called to various talk shows, invited to appear in the series, in general, the disease brought him fame.

8. Michael J. Fox: Parkinson’s disease

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At 30, Michael felt that the whole world was at his feet. But a terrible diagnosis – Parkinson’s disease – crossed out his future. The doctors said that by the age of 40, he would be a wreck. It was so difficult for the man to cope with the information that he … began to drink. But thanks to his wife, actress Tracy Pollan, he was able to cope with his drinking. He starred a lot, and in 2000 he retired from the very successful TV series “Spin City”. It was then that he confessed to colleagues and viewers that he was terminally ill and his disease was progressing. 

However, the artist is still filming, although not as much as before. He created a foundation that studies and searches for drugs for Parkinson’s disease. After all, Michael J. Fox does not even think about giving up! We wish him strength, patience and full life.


9. Catherine Zeta-Jones: Bipolar Disorder

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Several years ago, the whole world learned that the beautiful Catherine has a mental disorder. A couple of times, the artist went into a rage in public and was unable to control her anger. Then she turned to the clinic for help. It turned out that her illness was triggered by severe stress, in which Zeta-Jones lived for many years.

As you know, a few years before the illness, her husband, Michael Douglas, was diagnosed with throat cancer. Douglas fought bravely against cancer, Catherine was there. And when Mike recovered, Catherine’s strength left. For too long she was under stress, too much experienced over the years. Now Zeta-Jones is in control of his ailment – it cannot be completely cured. It is known that every two to three years she undergoes a medical course of treatment.

10. Tom Cruise: dyslexia

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Few people know that as a child, the future Hollywood star suffered from an inability to perceive text visually. Tom also had problems with writing. Classmates mocked him, the teachers thought him stupid, but in fact, this was how dyslexia manifested itself. Now Tom claims that his faith – Scientology helped him to defeat the disease. Whatever it was, but now he writes, and reads, and easily memorizes huge amounts of text. So his diagnosis fell back.