How Nutrition Affects Acne. Anti-Acne Diet? Learn Foods That Help Solve Acne

How Nutrition Affects Acne. Anti-Acne Diet? Learn Foods That Help Solve Acne

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How nutrition affects acne. Today there are a large number of tools that help to maintain healthy skin from the outside, or to deal with problems that already exist. The development of skin diseases, deterioration of appearance, rashes – all this can be triggered by a lack or excess of nutrition, as well as a deficiency of macro- and micronutrients. In addition, many diseases of the endocrine, digestive, immune and other systems of our body are accompanied by metabolic disorders and often manifest as defects on our skin. But the worst thing is when we start to “diet”. After all, the diet is accompanied by restrictions, and often even the exception of substances important for the skin from food.

We figured out that acne disease requires an integrated approach. In addition to medical consultations, nutrition plays a significant role in this problem. We learn the opinion of the nutritionist: what, when and how to eat, and whether it is possible to become healthier and more beautiful with the help of food.

Nutritionology is not dietetics, it is about an integrated approach to health, not about diets, but about a balanced diet, not about restrictions, and when everything is enough to feel energetic and full!

The effect of nutrition on hormones

The human body is a combination of complex biochemical reactions. Speaking of hormones, I would focus not only on a set of healthy foods in the diet, but also on the regime of the day, eating, if the goal is a healthy and beautiful body, smooth skin and good mood. The modern rhythm dictates its conditions when work is more important than sleep, when stress is at every step, when there is no time for a full meal and you have to run into the nearest fast food in order not to remain hungry and have time for everything. The result of this schedule: a state of constant stress, namely increased cortisol, which leads to a violation of eating behavior, stress seizing. In order to adjust the state of hormones, it is important to adhere to several rules: fall asleep before 23:00, make the last meal three hours before bedtime, a hearty breakfast no later than an hour after waking up, three meals (more frequent meals only according to the doctor’s testimony), lunch commit before 15:00. Such a regime will radically change the state of your health for the better.

The vitamin-mineral composition of food is important for acne

A nutritionally valuable product is a product containing the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids per 1 g of product. If you can evaluate the nutritional value of products, then you can understand whether it is beneficial to the body. In the case of acne, as in the desire to be a healthy person, it is important to opt for nutritious foods: whole grains instead of crushed, chopped and processed, berries instead of dried fruits, dark chocolate instead of cakes and sweets, meat instead of sausages, tomatoes instead of ketchup, etc. d. Make the choice in favor of the original type of product, rather than its recycled counterpart.

The role of proteins of fats and carbohydrates in the diet for problem skin

Any problem with the skin has a reason that lies inside the body, as a rule, these are all kinds of deficiencies of micro- and macronutrients, vitamins. For skin problems, you should pay attention to a balanced diet, but not diets. Any diet is a limitation, and where the limitation is there is a deficit and imbalance of valuable substances. What does a balanced diet mean? Every organism has a need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By trimming oneself in one of the macronutrients, a complex biochemical chain of reactions is violated and a malfunction occurs, which is fraught with diseases. Everything should be in abundance. If we do not consume enough protein, we will want to even out the need with carbohydrates and there will be a craving for sweets. Lack of fat or its imbalance leads to an increase in inflammatory processes in the body, and acne blooms with a not very pleasant bunch of problems. Balance is important, which means about 1 g of protein per day per 1 kg of weight, at each meal on a plate we find protein, fat and carbohydrate, the most diverse diet, let your plate be colorful (red, yellow, green pepper, tomatoes, dark leaf greens: broccoli, white cabbage, asparagus). In case of acne, be careful what provokes inflammatory processes in the body, namely: an imbalance of omega-3 and omega-6, when there are a lot of vegetable oils, nuts, butter in the diet (sources of omega-6) and no fish at all (source omega-3), then pro-inflammatory processes are triggered. Be sure to include fatty fish in your diet at least 4 times a week.

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The relationship of intestinal microflora with nutrition

The intestinal microflora dictates to us what we want to eat. And in order to form the correct microbiome, it is necessary to consciously approach the issues of balanced nutrition. Above I talked about the principles, in answering this question I want to focus on the fact that the microflora in the intestines are well populated with beneficial bacteria – prebiotics. We can take them, using at least 2-3 times a week sauerkraut, barrel cucumbers and tomatoes (without sugar), kim-chi, any products that have passed fermentation. A natural prebiotic is also a banana, persimmon, berries. Therefore, by including them regularly in the diet, you will significantly improve the condition of the microflora of your intestines, which will inevitably lead to an improvement in overall health, as healthy intestinal microflora contributes to the maximum absorption of micronutrients and vitamins.

There are eating habits with acne

Everything that stimulates insulin and inflammatory processes leads to an exacerbation of acne disease. In more detail about insulin: each meal increases insulin, so we try to reduce meals as much as possible to three times a day, four is acceptable. As a snack, choose fats and proteins. Do not mix tea / coffee / chicory with the main meal, drink your favorite drinks without sugar and milk at least 30 minutes after eating. Be sure to have a good breakfast in the first hour after waking up in the morning, include fatty fish in the diet (mackerel, herring, sturgeon family, halibut). Indulge in sweets: choose fruits and natural chocolate and eat immediately after eating, preferably after breakfast or lunch.

About the special “anti-acne diets”

I would rather talk about a balanced diet. This approach will get rid of skin problems and give a lot of vitality and energy. Jackpot!

First of all, pay attention

In food, when the problem of acne arose, it is worth abandoning confectionery, refined oils, processed products (sausages, semi-finished products), alcohol, carbonated drinks, juices, fresh juices (any sugar in liquid form). Add more fresh vegetables, give preference to whole grain cereals, include fatty fish, avocados, nuts in the diet.

Foods That Help Solve Acne

In the era of marketing, the benefits of many foods are overrated. It is incorrect to take a separate product and introduce it into the diet every day, not paying attention to the rest of the grocery basket. The problem of acne can be solved by balance, the maximum variety and variety of plates, the use of nutritious foods on a regular basis, and adherence to sleep patterns and meals.

How Nutrition Affects Acne. Anti-Acne Diet? Learn Foods That Help Solve Acne
proper nutrition for acne

5 diet myths for acne

You can’t have sweet: sugar really provokes acne problems, but if you choose a useful alternative, any fruits are allowed (up to 100 g per day), many vegetables have a sweet taste, in addition, even chocolate is allowed if the percentage of cocoa is at least 85% and preferably without sugar in the composition, but even here it is important to remember about the measure (not the tile at a time, but 20 g after eating).

Fatty foods are not allowed: fat should be consumed for acne problems, but it’s important to choose the right one. Fatty fish, avocados, nuts. We minimize all liquid oils, chew fat as much as possible: coconut, sesame seeds and flax.

Milk is not allowed: in fact, it is important to avoid cow’s milk, as it contains an insulin-like growth factor, but if we are talking about goat or vegetable, it is quite acceptable in small quantities and not mixed with drinks (coffee / tea / chicory), because this combination blocks the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium and other beneficial elements.

It is impossible to bakery and pasta: if you read the composition carefully, then on the market you can find quite a few acceptable options, the main thing is that the composition should include whole grains, without sugar, refined oils and various additives. Whole-wheat pasta cooked with aldente will be an excellent source of the complex carbohydrates we need so much.

A lot of vegetables and greens: in fact, 300 g total per day is enough and your need for vegetables will be closed, and this is not so much. Excessive fiber intake can lead to discomfort in the form of flatulence and bloating.

Balance, a conscious attitude to food, thoughtful and regular meals do wonders

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