Why we can’t lose weight faster: 10 reasons proven by science

Why we can’t lose weight faster: 10 reasons proven by science

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So, you are on a diet, you sweat in the gym almost every day, but the numbers on the scales stubbornly do not shift in the direction of decreasing? Why we can’t lose weight faster? You should stop spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, stop and carefully analyze everything that you are doing.

There are very subtle mistakes that we can make day after day and not even notice it. In addition, you may have health problems, so the first thing to do is get tested for certain hormones and tests for the presence of vitamins in the body.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid performs many functions. One of them: production thyroid hormones – thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). It is they who enhance the breakdown of fatty deposits and inhibit their accumulation. That is, if the production of these hormones is disrupted, problems with excess weight may begin, as the metabolism slows down.

So if you exhaust yourself with training and a rigid diet, but the weight is still standing still, it may be worth going to a consultation with an endocrinologist and getting tested for hormones.

Vitamin D3 deficiency

Vitamin D3 deficiency is common. Our body is not able to produce it on its own in the quantities we need. Its lack is also associated with weight gain and several metabolic processes. It plays the role of a special agent in the war against body fat.

Lack of sound and healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is a guarantee not only of good mood and good health, but also of weight loss. It is safe to say that we lose weight even in a dream, since it is then that growth hormone is produced.

In addition, poor sleep and lack of sleep is one of the most serious risk factors for obesity. Risk of obesity in adults and children with poor sleep above by 55% and 89%.

Chronic stress

Stress is another reason why we still can’t lose weight. First, it’s almost always a bad dream. Above, we talked about how lack of sleep prevents us from losing weight.

Secondly, many people start seize bad mood in pursuit of endorphins. As a result of emotional overeating, you can get not only extra calories, but also an excess of fast carbohydrates. It is unlikely that anyone decides to seize stress with carrots or whole grain bread. Most likely it will be chocolate, cakes, ice cream or pizza.

Too monotonous training

A variety of workouts will help not only to fully develop the body without distortions, but also to lose weight. It is advisable that you have more than just the omnipotent cardio advertised as super means for weight loss, but also training with heavy weight

Cardio helps us get rid of the hated tummy and burns visceral fat… Strength training prevents deceleration metabolism and help maintain muscle mass, which usually goes away with body fat if you do not exercise. Another advantage of promoting weight loss is that working with extra weight helps maintain long-term fat loss. So include a machine in your workout plan.

Too Much Exercise But No Proper Diet

Many people believe that excessive exercise will compensate for all the calories eaten, even if there are too many of them. “Well, think, I ate a cake – I’ll run the extra five kilometers” – familiar thoughts, right? In fact, only 30% of weight loss depends on physical activity. The remaining 70% is what we eat, or rather what we refuse (fast food, fast carbohydrates, excessive alcohol consumption).

Diet too strict

When you first go on a diet, your body is in shock, and it starts burning calories. But then, when you eat monotonous foods from day to day (and on strict diets everything is exactly like that), the body gradually gets used to it, and go out to plateau… It is much more difficult to move from which to weight loss than at the very beginning of the diet.

Almost all nutritionists are of the opinion that mono diets or diets that are too strict do not have a good effect on the body and health. Nutrition should be balanced, the body should receive all the necessary nutrients in the right amount, and healthy eating should become your habit, not a diet for a short period.

Drink too little water

Water can help in the difficult task of getting rid of those extra pounds! In one 12 week research loss weight participants who drank half liter water 30 minutes before meals, was 44% more than those who did not. Everything is simple and clear – water fills the stomach, and you eat less. In addition, it dulls hunger and increases the number of calories burned by 24-30% within an hour and a half. Then I’ll have to drink some more water.

Lack of protein in the diet

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that can help you lose weight faster. Having 25-30% protein in your daily diet will help burn 80-100 more calories per day. Plus it gives a feeling of satiety (acts ghrelin and other appetite-regulating hormones), which will minus another couple of hundred calories, since you will definitely eat less. So scientists recommend including in your breakfast some protein.



Everything is simple with alcohol – it is high in calories. This is especially true for drinks with a high sugar content. Moderate use will not cause any particular harm to health or figure, but a large number of will definitely prevent you from losing weight.

In addition, do not forget that high-calorie snacks often go with alcohol. More often than not, the problem is in them, and not in the amount of wine or beer drunk.

Most of the reasons listed are obvious, and the good news is that if you start monitoring what and how much you eat, stop being nervous about the little things, drink more water, and exercise in moderation, excess weight issues are unlikely to bother you.

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