How to Get Rid Of Black Dots: top 4 ingredients

How to Get Rid Of Black Dots: top 4 ingredients

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How many times have you driven Google with the query “how to get rid of black dots forever”? And, in response, you must have received that it is really possible to effectively deal with these acne precursors and wipe them off your face for the rest of your life. So, this is not true. No matter how sad it may sound, but as long as your face has pores, black dots will periodically return. Another thing is that their appearance can be delayed by removing them for a while.

Before you tell what ingredients in cosmetics to look for in order to get rid of black dots, you need to understand what these small craters on the skin are like.

Black spots – it’s just clogged pores. Unlike acne, white inflammation that occurs on the skin due to pore blockage by sebum, dirt and dead cells, black dots are an open comedone. And the black color gives them not the dirt that has accumulated at the time, but air. The fact is that an excess of sebum accumulates in our pores, which, when oxidized by air, darkens. By removing the black dot, that is, the “plug” from the oxidized sebum, you open the air path to the sebum that is still in the pore. Thus, over time, it also darkens, and the black dot returns. It seems that the process is not curable?

In fact, there are ingredients that will keep your sebaceous glands under control, preventing them from producing excess sebum, which means that this excess sebum will not block pores and turn into black spots and blackheads (in the worst case scenario).


There is a reason why many black dot strips are made with this component. Charcoal in cosmetics is like using black magic: one use of a coal mask and dust, there are no more black dots. It acts like a magnet, attracting excess sebum, microparticles of dirt and bacteria from the pores and from the surface of the skin. Not a single component acts so quickly. But there is a drawback: he fights only with superficial changes, which means that he will not give long-term results. But you shouldn’t remove charcoal beauty products from your cosmetic bag. These magic wands come in handy if you need a quick result.

How to Get Rid Of Black Dots: top 4 ingredients
How to Get Rid Of Black Dots: top 4 ingredients

Salicylic acid

This type of beta hydroxy acid (BHA acid) is an excellent solution for long-term results. Salicylic acid fights black dots and acne, preventing their appearance. Fortunately, this ingredient can be found in a variety of over-the-counter products.

Salicylic acid perfectly dissolves sebum, penetrating into the pore depth, it is there that it acts as efficiently as possible. The objective of the component is also to clean the skin of dirt and dead epithelial cells. Therefore, salicylic acid not only relieves you of black spots, but also prevents the formation of blackheads. In addition, with regular use, salicylic acid helps control the functioning of the sebaceous glands, reducing the secretion of sebum. Naturally, this also contributes to the fact that the pores seem less visible and clean, because they do not have an excess of fat. Means with such an active component can and should not be used every day, preferably twice a week. If the skin is oily, then you can use it every other day or every day if necessary.

What should be the concentration of salicylic acid in the product, so that it works and effectively fights with black dots? Minimum 0.5 percent, but better than 1-2 percent. However, it all depends on the type of skin: the drier and more sensitive the skin, the lower the concentration of BHA. But there is another important factor when choosing salicylic acid products – their pH level. The acidity level of the BHA-acid product should be from 3 to 4 (better than 3), and if it is above this mark, the effectiveness of the product is reduced.

Benzoyl peroxide

This cosmetic ingredient is known as an antibacterial agent, so it can often be found in acne treatments. But it can not only destroy the bacteria that cause acne, but also cleanse the skin of dead epithelial cells. Benzoyl peroxide gently exfoliates, eliminates bacteria and reduces the amount of accumulated dirt and sebum in the pores, so it can be effective in dealing with black spots.

Benzoyl peroxide is very active and can cause irritation if you apply the product with it to your entire face and leave it for a day, so it’s better to choose products for acne treatment with this component or cleansers.

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Now you can find retinoids not only in prescription ointments. Now they are much more affordable and widely used to combat black spots and treat blackheads. Retinoids facilitate exfoliation of keratinized epidermal cells, quickly and deeply penetrate the skin, accumulating in the sebaceous glands and exerting an anti-inflammatory effect there. In addition, fat-soluble derivatives of vitamin A are a powerful antioxidant, therefore they eliminate the damage caused by free radicals and accelerate the natural regeneration of the skin. The latter property is extremely useful if you suffer from acne, because with regular and prolonged use you will not only forget about black spots and blackheads, but also prevent the formation of new acne scars. In some people, products with this active ingredient can provoke irritation and excessive dryness, so it is advisable to consult your dermatologist before using any product. It will help you develop a strategy for introducing retinoids into your beauty routine in order to benefit from the component and not harm the skin.

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