Simple Rules Of How to sleep so that there are no wrinkles

Simple Rules Of How to sleep so that there are no wrinkles

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If you think that “beauty dream”- it’s just 7-8 hours of quality relaxation in the kingdom of Morpheus, then you are almost right. There are ways in which you can slow down the signs of aging during a night’s rest. But first, let’s figure it out: can a night dream cause wrinkles?

According to an American dermatologist from New York and author of a best-selling book Skin Rules, Debra Jaliman, not only the quantity and quality of sleep affects your appearance. The way you sleep can cause wrinkles.

While most wrinkles are caused by facial expressions during wakefulness, fine lines and creases on the face and chest can be the result of sleep on the stomach or side. During sleep in such poses, your face comes into contact with the pillowcases, which over time can lead to the creation of deep sleep lines on the forehead and cheeks (for example, when you sleep with your face in the pillow), and ultimately lead to the appearance of visible wrinkles.

Now the good news: you can prevent the occurrence of “sleep wrinkles”. The main thing is to know how to sleep properly so that there are no wrinkles. Here are five brilliantly simple rules by which you can protect yourself from the appearance of signs of premature aging during sleep.

Sleep on your back

Trite and, nevertheless, effective! Model Magdalena Frakowiak, who turns 36 this year, has repeatedly thanked her mother on Instagram for being taught to sleep on her back from childhood. Result – Magdalene is unlikely anyone will give more than 25, so the advice works, thanks to Frakovyak’s mother.

Jaliman writes in his book that sleeping on your back really helps to prolong youth, because you do not exert constant pressure on the skin due to the sleeping position. Debra also points to the fact that many people who are used to sleeping on their stomachs will find it difficult to readjust. You cannot control your involuntary movement in a dream, so do not expect results immediately. Try to at least fall asleep while lying on your back, over time, this position of the body will become familiar to you.

Set up a “sleep climate”

The bedroom should be regularly ventilated and preferably right before bedtime. The air should be cool (18−20 degrees) so that you fall asleep faster, and moistened so that the air does not overdry the skin. If you do not have a humidifier (we highly recommend getting one), leave a container of water near the bed.

Get special pillowcases

For those who simply cannot sleep on their backs, Dr. Jaliman recommends having a special pillowcase. Switch from cotton to silk or satin. “With a silk pillowcase, your skin will slide along the pillow,” Jaliman writes in his book. In other words, less pressure on the skin and friction of the face on the pillow will help to stay youthful longer improve hair condition.

Another plus of silk is that it is a hypoallergenic material with antibacterial properties. This means that you can say goodbye to at least those types of acne that are caused by bacteria, and not clogged pores.

If you don’t want to change cotton for silk yet, then make it a rule to change bed linen more often. Jaliman recommends washing pillowcases every three days, and bedding once a week.

Wash your face thoroughly before going to bed.

This banal advice already causes a soreness, but, believe me, it works. Night is the time when the skin is renewed and restored. If you do not wash away the remnants of cosmetics from it, they will ruin your skin in just a night. Too lazy to conduct a full ritual of washing with a cleanser and toner? At least wipe your face with micellar water or make-up wipes – they remove makeup, dust and sebum. Kim Kardashian admitted more than once that she was often lazy to wash her face according to all the rules, but she always, always wipes her face with makeup napkins before going to bed.

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Do not apply night creams immediately before bedtime.

It seems that everyone understands this rule, but rarely does anyone comply. It is advisable to apply all night skin care products one hour before bedtime so that they can be absorbed into the skin. Otherwise, there is a chance that they will remain on your pillowcase, even silk.

And most importantly: try to fully relax. Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for restoring the entire body, not just the skin. “To preserve beauty and youth, you should sleep 7-8 hours a day,” writes Dr. Jaliman. “That’s why it’s called a beauty dream!”