What New Fashion trends do fashion bloggers choose?

What New Fashion trends do fashion bloggers choose?

ben May 22, 2020 0

“Fashion has turned mainly into an entertaining multimedia business, where big names and gossip determine trends, but simply sewing well-tailored clothes is no longer enough,” said Jil Sander, designer and creator of the fashion house of the same name. In her words there is a tangible truth, especially if you look at how the best-selling brands are forming their reputation today: on the banalization of luxury, cooperation with the stars and on attempts to sell things simply because of the brand name. As a result, we have fabulously expensive sweatshirts and rhinestones decorated with sneakers at the price of a car and in the status of trendy things. Instead of popular designers like pop stars who make a name for themselves in provocations, we prefer to track the trends of the season and look for original finds in collections of small fashion blogs. They pass the news through the prism of their style and give us quite real-life advice on what to wear with.

White lace collars

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The romance of this girlish detail is hard to overestimate. Wear collars this summer, like a real student, with tight skirts and trousers with arrows. Or, like Courtney Love and grunge music fans in the early 1990s, with sneakers and bright lipstick.

Tops and dresses with an open back

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Unlike the neckline, the open back reveals not so intrusively, but with a fraction of the game and deceit: in front of you is an ordinary outfit, and behind … the fabric seems to have disappeared somewhere. In summer we recommend perfecting seduction techniques in just such playful things.

Masks in tone with clothes

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Due to the difficult global situation, the mask promises to go down in history as the most significant accessory of 2020. It’s not about fashion trends at all, but about harsh necessities of life, so it’s time for us to get used to the new reality and learn how to choose masks for our own style.

High Waist Flared Pants

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Color – strictly white or its noble “derivatives” like milk or ecru. Atmosphere – the coast of French Biarritz and tanned surfers around. You choose the top at your discretion, given that now tops in retro style and lush sleeves are again relevant.

Things are fuchsia

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There were an astounding amount of fuchsia on fashion blogs in 2020. We still continue to admire satin dresses, flounced tops and lace-up tops in Elsa Schiaparelli’s favorite color, and are waiting for the time to come out in all this.

Square Toe Sandals

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Last year, it was graceful mules and sandals with thin straps, and this year the fashion focus has shifted towards a couple with a truly architectural design. These sandals, or slides on the heel, carry the perfection of geometric formulas, where everything has something in common: the square of the heel – with a square toe.

Pants suits of unusual shades

After buying a trouser suit, get ready to attach to this thing like no other: immediately you want to combine it with various accessories and strongly ignore any other clothes. Try it and you will definitely like it!

Raffia Woven Beach Bags

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Jacquemus and Loewe brands should be called the trendsetters of this accessory, and then fashionable bloggers have already shown how to wear this accessory with the usual French cinema sentimentality – with linen toga dresses and a bouquet of wildflowers in their hands.