Beauty secrets of celebrities, which will be useful to you too

Beauty secrets of celebrities, which will be useful to you too

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Today, many celebrities have social networks, Youtube channels, in which they generously share the secrets of their beauty. In recent years, they have given a lot of interviews for various television and radio channels, fashion magazines and portals. If you are even a little like us, you will probably want to know all the beauty secrets of Celebrities. Here we have collected great beauty tips from the most famous beauties in the world –  starting with Emma Watson to Bella Hadid.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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“I use a little concealer on the areas I need to hide – any pimples or imperfections – then I basically use BareMinerals Original Foundation mineral powder, I apply it all over my face. It’s so easy, you can do your makeup in a couple of seconds. I also like to use a cream blush or bronzer. I love red lipstick in my evening make-up, and during the day I use something that is close to my natural lip color. ”

Emma Watson

“For me, when applying makeup, the main thing is that the skin looks natural. As I got older, I fell in love with my freckles and I want to see them. I think the look of natural skin is beautiful. I don’t want to cover it completely!

I always use The Body Shop Cheek and Lip Stain in Red Pomegranate every day. This is what I always wear, because: a) the product doesn’t actually look like makeup; and b) I have pale skin. I don’t have pink pigment on my skin, so I look painful if I don’t use a little color. It makes me look healthier and less tired. And I love that I can kiss someone while I’m wearing it and it doesn’t wear off. ”

Keira Knightley

“In the morning I use a moisturizer and then just concealer, not tone cream… I love seeing my skin through makeup, so I think a minimum of makeup always looks better. I apply light eyeshadow (just with my finger) to make my eyes look like they are much more open. Then I apply a lightly tinted balm to match my natural lip color.

I’m 100 percent smokey girl to go out. But, nevertheless, my mom always said, “Lipstick is for when you have a bad day and you need red lipstick to look perfect.” I think this is indeed the case. The other day I had to get to the premiere directly from the flight. I didn’t feel great and I thought, yes, this is the red lipstick moment. But usually it is smoky eye makeup, black liner along the lash line and a lot of mascara. Always. On the upper and lower eyelashes. ”


Bella Hadid

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“I usually use concealer under the eyes, on the chin and around the nose, followed by always a good bronzer and eyebrow pencil. This is my three for every day. I love my freckles and just keep my skin natural. And I love mascara. What’s amazing about Dior Pump’n’Volume mascara is that it looks like false eyelashes. And I always use an eyelash curler. With or without mascara, eyelashes should always be curled. ”

Cara Delevingne

“I always have either everything or nothing. Very rarely, I focus on both the eyes and lips. Unless I really want to do something totally surreal or just look like a burlesque queen with full contouring and everything. But I love to apply a lot of mascara. You can’t mess with this. I’ve just always been a fan of Twiggy-style eye makeup. Sometimes all I use is a really good concealer. That’s all it takes. A little under the eyes and to mask imperfections. A concealer can hide a lot. ”

Jessica Chastain

“For daytime makeup, I don’t wear tone cream… Sissy Spacek told me to do that when I was working with her on The Servant. She said: “Honey, with our skin it is better not to cover it, our freckles are good to see.” She said she never wore a foundation, except when she was filming or attending social events, and I thought it was really interesting. So every day I just use concealer. ”


Karlie Kloss

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“I love light arrows – I use a cream liner or felt-tip eyeliner to create a cat-eye effect. I also like to apply mascara to the roots of the lashes so they look thicker. I often use a creamy blush that I apply with my fingers – if I’m just hanging out with friends, I want to look natural, like I wasn’t trying too hard. Then, if I have a spot to mask, I use a little concealer, but that’s about it. This is why I think having good skin is very important. If you already have a good foundation, you don’t need to put on a lot of makeup. ”

Lily-Rose Depp

“I definitely love bolder makeup when going to a party or other fashion events. I am so lucky to work with amazing makeup artists. Sometimes I know what kind of makeup I want, but often they come up with some interesting idea. However, I definitely like to focus on the eyes, I love the cat-eye effect. ”

Hayley Bieber

“I love looking fresh and radiant. I like dewy-look. So my secret is a radiant base, concealer, and SPF powder. I usually just add red lipstick if I want to create an evening look. Bare Minerals has a good product called Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolour. ”

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