Your subtle nature: 15 signs you are hypersensitive

Your subtle nature: 15 signs you are hypersensitive

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Ok, if you cry on The Lion King, you are emotional, and if you are on The Dark Knight, then you have a supersensitive subtle nature. And that’s not bad at all, just like being introverted is good. It’s just your personality type.

So, you already know that you are an emotional person. You deeply experience many states and, as a rule, have empathy, that is, you intuitively know how other people feel. If you’ve heard the terms empath and hypersensitive person, you might be wondering what subtle nature means.

While hypersensitive people (or HSPs for short) share some traits with empaths, empaths and HSPs are completely different personality types.

Empaths are involved in other people’s feelings to the point that they experience them the same way, even physically. HSPs, on the other hand, do not adopt the feelings of others, as they intensely experience their own.

In fact, the sensitivity is in your head. Brain scans show that over-emotionality is the result of a highly sensitive nervous system, so even bright lights and loud noises cause a storm of passion in you. Yes, yes, if you are crying at the next trailer at the cinema, before the movie has even started, congratulations, you have a subtle nature.

American scientists claim that the number of people with a fine nature is about 15-20% of the total population. Without even realizing it, many of them hastily rank themselves among introverts, however, a hypersensitive person is an even more complex version of him, having his own special way of perceiving the world. Psychotherapist Amy Molin has created a list of nine characteristics inherent in this unique type of person, and other scientists have expanded it.

1. You get irritable when you have to do several things at once.

For people with a high level of sensitivity, situations when they are entrusted with solving several different tasks at once are a serious problem. They instantly become nervous and under great stress. In such circumstances, hypersensitive people find it extremely difficult to be productive, which can lead to frustration with themselves.

2. In a noisy environment, you feel lost

In places where there are many irritants, a highly sensitive person feels uncomfortable, anxious… That is why it is not recommended for this type of people to work in an open space office. In an open space, their senses are overwhelmed: they hear too many distracting sounds, they sense every movement and any smells. All these factors prevent them from focusing on work and showing themselves to be effective employees.

Your subtle nature: 15 signs you are hypersensitive
Your Subtle Nature: 15 Signs You Are Hypersensitive

3. You feel hunger more acutely

The phrase “when a person is hungry, he is angry” has a particularly strong coloration for people with high sensitivity. Even a slight feeling of hunger can arouse anger in them, which can easily spread to those around.

4. You are knocked out of balance if someone is watching you

Hypersensitive people are able to reach their full potential if only their privacy is respected. When such a person notices that he is being watched, for example, by the boss at work, he immediately begins to behave unnaturally. In this situation, he feels as if he is suffocating under a huge weight.

5. Art can deeply touch you

Not every highly sensitive person is interested in art, but if he is still a fan of the works of a particular artist, he is able to feel them much more strongly than an ordinary listener / viewer / reader. Works of art evoke feelings in him stronger, deeper, brighter, and such people think and remember them longer.

6. You can immediately see if someone around you feels uncomfortable

A person with high sensitivity is the first to notice if someone close by is squinting at too bright light in the room or if the music is too loud for someone. At this point, he simply feels that someone has a problem similar to the one that he faces on a daily basis.

7. You isolate yourself after a busy day.

After a long and stressful week, hypersensitive people need time in solitude and silence to be able to recuperate. So instead of being active on the weekend, they may prefer, for example, spending the entire day in a bedroom with curtained windows.

8. You avoid loud concerts

Loud rock concerts or powerful fireworks are unlikely to be entertainments that bring joy to highly sensitive people. If there is such a person among your family or friends, you must remember that he simply has a much lower noise tolerance than other people.

Your subtle nature: 15 signs you are hypersensitive
Your Subtle Nature: 15 Signs You Are Hypersensitive

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


9. You avoid violent media

Violent fighting scenes in movies or news drive hypersensitive people into fear, although most of the population is already used to such pictures on their screens. Therefore, when planning to invite such a person to a movie for a horror movie, it is better to think twice so that you do not accidentally ruin your relationship.

This list of American researcher Amy Moline was supplemented by other scientists in the field of psychology. So, here are a few more signs that you have a subtle nature.

10. You can easily “scan” the mood of others

Your close friends joke that you can read minds as you often answer their questions before they even ask them. You can easily sense and notice lies, or you can guess when people are trying to hide something from you. You can also quite often understand how people around you feel in a given environment. So, don’t you think about a career in the field of law or the police – you will be a living lie detector, like Hercule Poirot.

11. You are a good storyteller.

When you feel all the feelings so vividly, you can convey them verbally and tell fascinating, mind-boggling stories, even about routine daily events. Your recent encounter in a bakery with an outrageous lady can quickly develop into a multi-layered story of unbridled emotions with active confrontation of types and a triumphant victory.

12. You are incredibly polite

When you say that you enjoyed meeting someone, you truly mean it. You always notice the character of other people and you never forget to say “thank you” and “please” when you need it (and when you don’t need it). However, deep down you know that you are simply afraid of offending someone’s feelings by being rude or not polite enough to them. You will remain unusually polite until you feel 100% comfortable with this person (and often even after). Even if you are frankly rude, you are unlikely to enter into an argument with a person, conflicts are not for you.

13. You like to do everything alone.

You feel completely comfortable with yourself, but you don’t feel lonely. There are many activities that you prefer to do alone, such as exercising, because team sports often make you feel like your every move is being watched and judged. You enjoy working from home (or having personal space at work), as large open workplaces make you feel wary, which makes you less productive. Traveling alone is also not a problem for you


14. Your intuition is something mystical

You tend to listen to your intuition, as it rarely lets you down. You often get the strange feeling that something is about to happen. You can read between the lines and can find the best course of action, even if there is no obvious reason.

15. You’re probably an introvert, but you don’t have to.

A subtle nature often means that excessive stimuli – loud music, crowded rooms, a lot of conversation – affect you more than other people. HSPs tend to be introverted, but extroverted subtle natures definitely exist! For some, hanging out with other people is a way to get out of their shell and ward off all negative thoughts. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, highly sensitive people need to find balance in social situations in order to feel comfortable anywhere.

On the merits

Despite the subtle features of the worldview and such shortcomings as a tendency to depression or dismay, the hypersensitive person also has its own strengths. These people are more conscientious and accurate in what they do. They can focus on details that others ignore, and are often excellent teachers, artists, writers, journalists, and psychologists. They only need to create conditions in which they can show their talents.

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