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Caramel brown is the most luxurious wardrobe shade for the winter

Caramel brown is the most luxurious wardrobe shade for the winter 36

In the cold season, a lot of pluses are hidden, you just have to find them. For example, when is it still possible to spend the whole weekend without getting out under a blanket, hugging a thermos of tea with spices and gingerbread cookies? Or spend all day learning how to make the perfect salted caramel – the favorite dessert of all French people? This winter, we motivate you to indulge yourself with non-nutritious “sweets”, for example, warm jackets, shirts, shoes and gemstones of hot caramel color, since it is this shade that designers love so much in the autumn-winter collections.

The rich caramel shade has many benefits: it is versatile for the capsule wardrobe, makes a luxurious look, and goes damn stylish with jewelry in yellow gold or gold plated. We will not give a recipe for salted caramel for the sake of your own figure, but we will share with you our fashionable finds in a warm caramel shade, from imitation leather to diamonds. 

Caramel brown

Caramel brown is the most luxurious wardrobe shade for the winter. Fendi, autumn-winter – 2020/2021; Gabriela Hearst Fall / Winter 2020/2021

Sheepskin coat aviator in caramel color

The aviator jacket is the favorite of Scandinavian fashionistas. In the first half of the 20th century, this thing was exclusively an attribute of the military, but with the growing popularity of the military style in the 1970s, it migrated to the women’s wardrobe. Of all the shades of sheepskin, caramel will be the noblest – place your bet on it if you buy a tanned bomber jacket in the mass market.

Caramel brown

Stradivarius Aviator Jacket

Leather shirt in caramel color

In artificial glossy leather, the caramel shade seems to become even tastier. Wear your leather shirt fully buttoned, like a top, or like a jacket over a T-shirt or dress. A festively seductive option: wear your shirt over a lace bra or directly over your naked body and undo a few top buttons.

Caramel brown

Mango Faux Leather Shirt

Caramel cropped trousers

In the winter season, cropped trousers will be more practical than long ones if worn with boots or ankle boots. Ideally, the trousers should cover the top of the shoe slightly so as not to visually shorten the legs. As for the caramel shade, it will look stylish not only with white or beige, but also with lavender, yellow and dark red tops.

Caramel brown

See By Chloé Cropped Trousers

Caramel faux fur jacket

The fashion for “toy” fur coats and jackets was set by Max Mara, releasing a luxurious Teddy model in wool and cashmere. Comparisons with a soft toy suggest themselves: in this thing you want to walk around the city for a long time or go out of town on Sundays.

Caramel brown

Pull & Bear High Collar Faux Fur Jacket

Caramel Heeled Over The Knee Boots

In such high and sexy shoes, you will definitely be in chocolate: firstly, the boots can make an impression, and secondly, the appetizing shade immediately reminds you of milk chocolate, beloved from childhood.

Caramel brown

H&M leather boots




Sweatshirt in caramel color

A minimalistic monochromatic sweatshirt, unlike a sweatshirt, can be worn even to work under a jacket – this thing, sporting in origin, looks decent and neat. If you still want to go in for sports or relax, the sweatshirt will turn into a tracksuit complete with sweatpants or leggings.

Caramel brown

Antiga Oversized Sweatshirt


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