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Everything About Your Character And Mission On Earth According To The Surprising Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

Everything About Your Character And Mission On Earth According To The Surprising Ancient Egyptian Horoscope 36

Everything about your character and mission on Earth according to the ancient Egyptian horoscope. The ancient Egyptians believed that their life and personality was predetermined by the zodiac sign under which they were born. According to their horoscope, by the date of birth you can not only find out which god and planet protects you, but also with what mission you came to this world. Interesting? Then do not miss the magazine “Furilia”:

Who you are? Children of Horus or Isis? Creators or teachers? Read on!

Children Bastet (January 16 – February 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

ancient Egyptian horoscope


Planet: Saturn

Color: purple

Bastet is the goddess of fertility, home, joy, female beauty, love and fun, as well as cats, so she was depicted as a cat or woman with a cat’s head. People born under her sign are smart, brave and inventive. They are discreet and in good health. Often they are not aware of financial difficulties. These people are diplomats from nature. They are characterized by quick thinking, aesthetic taste and love of freedom. The encroachment on their personal life and territory is nipped in the bud, as they do not accept the imposed point of view.

They have a well-developed sixth sense and have the makings of clairvoyance, hence the passion for mysticism. Sociability among representatives of this zodiac sign in the blood, so they get along with everyone. These are unusually creative personalities. Next to themselves, they want to see a strong and dominant partner who will plunge them into the abyss of passion and leave them with some freedom of action, because of which differences may arise in relations.

Them mission is to change this world through our own ideas, inventions and innovations. The altruism of these people is constantly pushing them to help others. Throughout life, they must learn to patience and pacify their rebellious nature.

Children Selket (February 16 – March 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

ancient Egyptian horoscope. Goddess Selket


Planet: Neptune

Color: pink

Selket is the daughter of the god Ra, helping him fight enemies, as well as the patroness of the dead. People born under her star are calm and industrious. They do not stop going step by step towards their goal. They are characterized by physical strength and energy, due to which they work tirelessly. Representatives of this zodiac sign are patient, methodical and tied to the schedule, which makes them somewhat stubborn.

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In a relationship, they are in no hurry and do not show their feelings until they are safe. These people are introverts by nature, but they have good oratorical qualities that allow them to convince everyone around. They are mysterious, emotional, kind and romantic, and still strive for idyll. They know how to sympathize and help others. Them mission is to teach people to act selflessly.

Children of Apopa (March 16 – April 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

ancient Egyptian horoscope. Snake Apop

© DeviantArt / Pinterest

Planet: Mars

Color: red

Apop (Apep, Apophis) – a huge serpent, the sworn enemy of the sun god Ra, the personification of evil and darkness, the primordial force symbolizing Chaos. People born in this period of time are excellent strategists, leaders, speakers and motivators. They are smart, achieve everything they want, respect others and solve all problems, using innate ingenuity and cunning.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are very ambitious. Trying to restrain their egoism, they mark only a prestigious role and place in life. These people know how to love and believe. Being straightforward, they accept the challenges of fate and compete with pleasure. They are independent, dynamic and constantly worried about something. Them mission – guide others and protect them. Throughout their life, they need to learn to restrain their impulsiveness, arrogance and impatience.

Children of Ptah (April 16 – May 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope god ptah

ancient Egyptian horoscope. God Ptah

© Black Beyond Man / Facebook

Planet: Venus

Color: white

Ptah is the ancient Egyptian god of artisans and architects, the patron saint of Memphis. People born under his leadership are calm, caring, peppy, active, but a little stubborn. They inspire confidence and fall in love easily. They know how to dress with taste. At times, impulsiveness and arrogance are inherent in them, but those around them forgive them all for their charm and charm.

Representatives of this zodiac sign love freedom. They are independent from an early age. In love, they do not look for difficulties. These are home, family people. Sensitive, romantic and practical, they need a reliable shoulder nearby. The children of Ptah are real hard workers. Them mission is to organize work and achieve goals. Throughout life, they should learn to control their stubbornness and ownership.

Children of Atum (May 16 – June 15)

Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

Ancient Egyptian Horoscope. God Ra and Atum

© Anatolia Vakfi / Facebook

Planet: Mercury

Color: orange, gold and brown

Atum created itself and existed alone at the beginning of time. This is a god that combines masculine and feminine. People born under his auspices are wise and understanding. They love music and dancing. Used to give all the best 100%, because they are dedicated to their work. Representatives of this zodiac sign are young in soul, do not follow generally accepted rules and actively resist them if they infringe on their freedom.

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These are influential people, but in a milder sense. They like to make new acquaintances and discover other cultures, because they are very curious from nature and are able to process tons of information. Always peppy, these personalities adapt well to any situation. They quickly get bored and bored, unless passion and love control them. The second half should be able to constantly stimulate their imagination and endlessly surprise.

Mission these people – receive and give information, create teams and new business projects. Throughout their life, they need to learn to control their impatience, nervousness and excitability, and still show more perseverance and less depend on other people’s opinions.

Children of Isis (June 16 – July 15)

Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

Ancient Egyptian Horoscope. Image of Isis on papyrus


Planet: Moon

Color: white

Isis is the goddess of motherhood and femininity, patronizing slaves, sinners, girls, rich and rulers. People born under her leadership cannot boast of a large number of friends, but they are smart, wise and harmonious. They know how to love and empathize. Sometimes they are characterized by pessimism. Representatives of this zodiac sign quickly forget the grievances and forgive the guilty, since everyone has the right to make a mistake.

These people love children and animals. Quiet by nature, they nevertheless know how to attack and defend themselves in case of danger. Great romantics who know how to win the heart of a loved one. Them mission – create a warm atmosphere in the family, turning any home into a refuge; to be parents and to teach children the right values.

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Children of Ra (July 16 – August 15)

Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

© NonBeliever / Twitter

Planet: The sun

Color: gold

Ra is the god of the sun, the supreme deity in ancient Egypt. People born under his auspices are divided into conservatives and charlatans. However, they are loyal, kind, decisive and organized. Sometimes they like to argue to prove that they know more on the topic than others. They are somewhat ruthless, unbearable and not diplomatic. They love to be in the spotlight, show off their achievements and tell a success story.

In the work, representatives of this zodiac sign are hardy and have good potential, allowing them to achieve significant heights. They are not against a large family and believe that they deserve all the best. Used to be leaders and show creative inclinations. They want to see smart people around themselves. Them mission – teach others to love and fight. But they themselves should control the vanity and the tendency to exaggerate or dramatize everything.

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Children of Horus (August 16 – September 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

ancient Egyptian horoscope

photo: Pinterest

Planet: Mercury

Color: brown

Horus is the god of heaven and sun in the guise of a falcon or a man with a falconry head. People born under his auspices are obedient and respectful. They are strong, sincere and straightforward, which makes others seem somewhat rude. They like fun and fun, but not beyond measure. Representatives of this zodiac sign are non-conflict and try to avoid quarrels. These are pacifists who prefer to leave unnoticed.

The children of Horus help those who need them, even if this goes against their interests. They are hardworking and not afraid to work hard. In love, these people show assertiveness and show emotions, fully devoting themselves to their family and soulmate, for which they are even ready to sacrifice their ambitions. Them mission – to heal and help others, both in terms of health and finance. All they need is to overcome their fears and insecurity, and also learn to rely more on themselves.

Children of Ma’at (September 16 – October 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

ancient Egyptian horoscope

© Raegen Michaels /

Planet: Venus

Color: pink

Maat is the goddess of justice, truth and law, governing the seasons, stars, sunrises and sunsets. People born in this period of time are lucky and happy. They are smart and gifted, and also quickly learn everything new. They make good speakers, motivators, and improvisers. Representatives of this zodiac sign are able to conquer anyone. They successfully resolve emerging conflicts.

These people are overly self-confident, self-centered and proud. They are often envied, but they do not allow themselves to be attacked. Sagging – this is not said about them. The Maat children are great innovators and entrepreneurs. They are sure they can do better than others. They cannot stand loneliness, therefore they want their friends and relatives to be constantly next to them. In love, they need an ambitious person who strives for success. Unfortunately, these people are often disappointed in their soulmate because they idealize it too much.

Them mission – help restore order and restore justice in the world. But they need to overcome their own doubts when making important decisions and learn to express their opinions more clearly instead of being silent.

Children of Osiris (October 16 – November 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

Ancient Egyptian horoscope. Image of osiris and isis on papyrus

© Hwt Netjerw / Facebook

Planet: Pluto

Color: black and blue

Osiris is the king of the afterlife, the god of rebirth and the judge of the departed souls. People born under his leadership are loyal, sincere and straightforward. In addition, they are attractive and sexy. Accustomed to get your way in any way. Representatives of this zodiac sign will always help and protect if necessary. They rarely get angry, but they can pour out all their anger if they are brought. These people are strong and persistent fighters who withstand any strain.

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In a relationship, they do not want to let go of their soulmate, because they are very sensitive. Being assertive and passionate, the Children of Osiris see everything in either black or white. Half measures are not for them. They completely surrender to their partner and expect the same from him in return. But once they disappoint, they mercilessly chop all the ends.

Them mission – work and explore this world. These people are very assertive, they have their own opinion, which makes them born leaders. They need to help others and learn to live without fear, and also to control their intolerance, a tendency to aggression and jealousy.

Children Hathor (November 16 – December 15)

Ancient Egyptian horoscope image hathor on papyrus

Ancient Egyptian horoscope. Image of Hathor on papyrus


Planet: Jupiter

Color: turquoise

Hathor is the goddess of joy, love, motherhood, fertility, sky, dancing and fun. People born during this period are good friends and family people. These are strong personalities distinguished by devotion, the desire to protect and preserve. They are a little impatient and moody, but bold and strong-willed. Their assertiveness allows them to achieve what they want.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are optimists by nature. They are not afraid to take risks, counting on a consistently positive outcome. In a relationship, they need a person who will constantly stimulate their interest, give joy and share adventures. Them mission – learn and train others. But in order to grow up, they need to control their impatience and excessive excitement, stop procrastinating, start acting like mature people and not break away from reality.

Children of Anubis (December 16 – January 15)

ancient Egyptian horoscope

ancient Egyptian horoscope

photo: Facebook

Planet: Saturn

Color: blue

Anubis is the guardian at the trial of Osiris in the kingdom of the dead, the god of funeral rituals. People born under his auspices are distinguished by courage. They are admired. They never attack unless there is a direct threat. At the same time, it is difficult for them to achieve prosperity by applying efforts at work. Representatives of this zodiac sign are methodical, calm and adhere to the daily routine. They are full of prejudice, a little stubborn, but they know how to listen. The modest outwardly Children of Anubis possess incredible eloquence and persuasiveness.

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In a relationship, it’s hard to call them romantics. They are somewhat naive, so their partner will see their manifestation of love. By the way, these personalities do not fall in love immediately, as they show emotions. But over time, they become strongly attached to their second half, accepting her for who she is. Next to them, these people want to see a responsible, authoritative and admired person, otherwise they will quickly lose interest in him.

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Them mission – engage in organization and restore order, inculcate respect for the rules and traditions, and still work hard. These people are practical and economical. It is important for them to learn how to relax, easier to relate to life, to be more optimistic and to overcome distrust of people.

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