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Everything Is Under Control: 5 important ways to maintain fertility

Everything Is Under Control: 5 important ways to maintain fertility 36

“Furilia” will tell you how to avoid problems with conception, following simple rules

Take care of reproductive health now!

5 important ways to maintain fertility

5 important ways to maintain fertility


In today’s world, the age when a woman first becomes a mother, is approaching 40. We have many opportunities to ensure the future of our eggs by correcting our lifestyle and the help of specialists. We will show you what manipulations are necessary to maintain reproductive health.

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Take the required tests

According to experts, the optimal age for comfortable bearing a child is from 22 to 35 years. Closer to 40, the chance of getting pregnant will decrease, but you should not lose hope. To be confident in your abilities, take control of ovulation at the age of 35. You can check whether ovulation occurs at home by acquiring the necessary test at the pharmacy, however, with a long negative result, do not delay going to the gynecologist.

5 important ways to maintain fertility

5 important ways to maintain fertility

Control your weight

No, it’s manic to pedal in the gymnasium while drying your body, it’s not even necessary and dangerous. A certain amount of fat is necessary for the female body to produce the optimal amount of hormones. Experts recommend calculating the body mass index so as not to go beyond its boundaries when planning pregnancy. To do this, you must divide your weight by height, previously squared, the ideal result is 22-25 units.

Do not overdo it with loads

As we have said, excessive efforts in the gym, especially when it comes to professional sports, can lead to large reproductive problems. Fitness experts recommend reducing physical activity, as soon as you begin to notice problems with the cycle, you can continue active training only after consulting a gynecologist.

Less caffeine and cigarettes

Smoking harms all our functions, but the most vulnerable area, the reproductive one, suffers the most. The chemical elements that are contained in each cigarette tend to accumulate, which is why the level of hormones produced is disrupted. However, inveterate coffee lovers can not abstain completely, only by replacing a strong drink with its derivatives with lots of milk and reduce the number of cups to two per day.

Choose contraception with your doctor

With a correctly selected dose of the drug, the hormonal background gradually returns to normal, however, the independent choice of contraception, which affects the production of hormones, is dangerous. Before you run to the pharmacy and consult a pharmacist, pass the necessary tests, and then visit your gynecologist, who will tell you which drug is right for you. Following this rule, problems with conception in the future, as a rule, do not arise.

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