Powerful 15 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Life This Year

Powerful 15 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Life This Year

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Good Habits That Will Improve Your Life This Year. With the onset of the new year, many people are trying to change their lives for the better. They solemnly swear to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, start reading books, go in for sports, etc. But only a few begin to implement the plan conceived from the first of January, and that, if they do not give up in the very near future. Outside the window, the second month of 2020 ends, and “things are still there”? Nothing, you still have time to catch up! Today in the magazine “Furilia” I’ll tell you:

What 15 habits will qualitatively change your life

And at the same time I will share the secret of how to work them out correctly so that they become part of your daily affairs.

How to develop new habits?

Powerful 15 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Life This Year
Good Habits That Will Improve Your Life This Year
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To give up a bad habit in favor of a good one only sounds easy, in fact, people are constantly faced with the fact that they are not able to include a new activity in their daily routine. After a week or two, they quit what they started and return to their usual way of life. The trouble is the irregularity and lack of motivation. Scientists have long proved that it takes 21 days for a person to form a new skill. That is how much time is needed for the habit to be brought to automaticity and less effort was spent on its implementation.

There is only one problem: to decide and not to leave the race for three weeks. But at the end of them you will suddenly find that you are easily adhering to the new rules of behavior. Focus on a few points. Choose 2-3 new habits, after reading about which, you thought that they definitely would not hurt you. And then daily force yourself to fulfill them for 21 days, be motivated, properly build your behavior. Understand that you do this voluntarily and for your own good. And if so, why turn off the intended path?

1. Plan ahead

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Important matters are best planned in a month. The simplest thing is to make yourself a stylish diary and do not forget to fill it out. Start with a weekly plan for Sunday, and you’ll notice how being organized makes your life easier. You will start to do more and be less nervous. In addition, you will have time to prepare for large projects or events in advance.

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2. Do not worry about trifles

In life, not without failures. Keep this in mind and do not let fleeting situations unsettle you and tune you in a negative way. And stop blaming yourself for mistakes made in the past. This is your experience, it should have been like that, but it’s time to move forward, and not focus on already completed affairs. New day – new you! And let the rest be left behind.

3. Have a day off

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The modern rhythm of life is such that there is practically no time for a full rest. But living in a state of constant stress is extremely harmful. How often on weekends do things accumulate that you did not manage to do in a week? And you selflessly spend Saturday and Sunday to complete them. It’s time to fight it! Scroll all day for yourself. Get enough sleep, take an aroma bath, apply a mask on your face and enjoy coffee under your favorite series. It is important to learn to restore not only physical, but also moral strength before the coming new week.

4. Spend less time on social networks

Real life is happening here and now. Another, alas, will not be. Think about how much time you spend with the phone in your hands, hanging on the Internet and social networks. How long have you put it aside for at least half an hour? Can’t give up the network at all? Reduce your stay in it to two hours a day. Be online for those near you.

5. Have a fasting day

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If you find it difficult to stick to a diet for a long time, arrange a fasting day once a week. Choose a product that you like and eat only it, breaking it into small portions. It can be buckwheat, cottage cheese, rice, apples, kefir, eggs. The task of the fasting day is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and calories to 500 per day and allow the digestive system to rest. Do not forget to drink water and green tea, which will accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body.

6. Refuse fast food

Download the application for counting calories eaten and start a food diary where you write down everything that was eaten during the day. You will be surprised to learn how much sugar and fat you consume and how few substances that are beneficial to the body. Give up harmful fast food that has a negative effect on your body. Instead, give preference to vegetables and lean meats, while simultaneously reducing the amount of grain in the diet.

7. Follow your posture

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A sedentary lifestyle and constant “freezing” in gadgets do not have the best effect on posture. If it is bad, the lungs are compressed, breathing is difficult, the supply of oxygen to the brain is disrupted, internal organs are displaced and lower, muscle imbalance appears and various diseases are provoked. Make it a rule to walk and sit with your back straight and be sure to pay attention to your posture during the working day.

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8. Do challenging tasks first

Have you heard the expression “eat a frog”? It means performing the most difficult tasks at the beginning of the day, then exhaling with a clear conscience and getting rid of the “stone” on the shoulders. Also, give up the habit of putting off what you can do today until tomorrow. Trite, but if minor tasks take just a couple of minutes, why not take on them?

9. Do not discuss colleagues

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Spreading rumors and weaving intrigues behind people is not the best thing. This is a waste of time and energy, which can be directed in the right direction. Take care of yourself, find a hobby to your liking and devote at least 20 minutes a day to your favorite pastime. Self-development and the presence of interests will make you full of personality, save you from burnout at work and eliminate the need to discuss someone else’s life.

10. Call your family more often

No matter how busy you are all week, take the time to call on the weekend. Find out how your closest people are doing: parents, brothers, sisters, friends. Accustom yourself once a week to call up those who miss you so much, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to see each other often.

11. Read 10 pages a day

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At the end of the day, hands reach for the phone to check the latest news and photos of friends on social networks? Better take a book that you constantly set aside for later due to lack of time. Read 10 pages before bedtime or during your lunch break, and you won’t notice how you read it in a month at a comfortable pace. And a year, a dozen books can be mastered!

12. Learn new things daily

Do not be afraid to expand your horizons. Think about where this will lead you in the long run. For example, memorizing 3 new foreign words a day, in a year you will know about 2000. And in five years? Can you imagine what knowledge you can get if you pay attention to them every day?

13. Sign up for courses

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All my life I dreamed of learning English, embroidering, doing sports, yoga or dancing? The time has come when you need to sign up for courses! Nowhere to put off. Find a window for new activities in your daily schedule and remember about 21 days.

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14. Meet friends

Life flies by. How many times have you canceled a meeting with your girlfriends just because you were busy and didn’t find the time for them? Plan a joint outing in advance. Bring it to your diary, after all. But once a month you should pay attention to your friends. Stay in touch with them!

15. Do meditation.

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Meditation calms, helps to throw out everything unnecessary from the head, improves mood and well-being, and also leads to tone. It is enough to give her 10-15 minutes a day, in three weeks to feel calmer and more balanced. If you are new, download an application that will help you achieve Zen. And if meditation is still not for you, just take 5 minutes a day to breathe deeply and clear your brain of negative thoughts.

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