Know It All! How to boost immunity during the coronavirus pandemic

Know It All! How to boost immunity during the coronavirus pandemic

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We all want to know how to boost immunity during the coronavirus pandemic? Concern about immunity has recently significantly pushed other topics on the Internet. The issues of beauty and the life of celebrities faded into the background: all the talk is only about how to help the body become stronger, strengthen the immune system and not fall for the insidious hook COVID-19… And then there’s the cold on the nose. For the most effective protection against infection, an integrated approach is required.

Besides the mandatory hygiene rules and auxiliary vitamin supplements, observe these three essential foundations of the basics to protect the body from viruses and pathogenic bacteria, as well as to stop inflammation in the very early stages of development. No panic, only common sense and self-care. So what can you do to boost your immunity?

Healthy food

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A healthy and clean diet is the key to strong immunity and excellent well-being. Not only in connection with coronavirus, but on the eve of the cold season, it is important to support the body and activate its internal defense mechanisms. Lean on foods that do the best for you. Fruits, vegetables (especially broccoli), greens (especially spinach) and citrus fruits that are now essential (vitamin C – one of the main fighters against viral infections) – this is all a storehouse of valuable vitamins, minerals and other essential elements.


Don’t forget about foods rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids (fish, avocados, nuts, olive and flax seed oil). Additional helpers – ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper. A diet based on such a menu will not only be beneficial for your waist, but will also become a real salvation for a weakened immune system during this turbulent period for health.

Fresh juices

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If the phrase “eat more fruits and vegetables” sounds deadly boring to you, then here’s a second way to combine business with pleasure – freshly squeezed juices and smoothies to enhance immunity. It has already been written more than once that every day you need to eat five servings of vegetables, fruits and not forget aboutgreenery… However, it is much easier not to eat them, but to drink them. It’s time to start doing it!

The best fruit drinks are apple, kiwi and citrus juices from orange, lemon, grapefruit and pomelo (again, they are extremely rich in vitamin C, which is a great natural immune stimulant). It is better to take fresh fruits, but frozen fruits are also suitable in the off-season.

Of the vegetable options, doctors and healthy lifestyle gurus recommend cucumbers, spinach, cabbage, root vegetables (beets and carrots), and celery juice. Why do you think supermodels always drink it? In order not to get sick! The properties of this green plant are backed up by a number of serious scientific studies. It is a powerful antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties, but the main advantage is that celery juice improves intestinal microbiota, and strengthening the immune system is a direct consequence of this process.


You can also make fruit and vegetable shakes by adding a little ginger and aloe juice. Such drinks will be a good help for the body in the fight against acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections. But there isadvice: you need to drink this juice during the first 15 minutes, when it is richest in vitamins and minerals. Otherwise – minimum time, but maximum benefit. Drink and be healthy!

Healthy lifestyle

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Healthy lifestyle is not only proper nutrition. And also physical activity, good sleep, giving up bad habits and no nerves. If you smoke, it’s time to quit (at least temporarily). Smoking works against immunity and it is much easier for smokers to get diseases, especially those associated with the lungs (which is coronavirus).

The next obvious way to boost immunity is sleep. The best prevention and cure for all diseases. So your job is to learn how to relax and get enough sleep. Sport works in several directions at once. It not only helps to reduce pain and keep weight within normal limits, but also regulates sleep patterns, the importance of which we have already mentioned. So include at least minimal training in your quarantine routine, and at the same time save on sports while exercising at home.

Now you know how to boost immunity at home. Most importantly, remember to practice all of these newly acquired habits whenquarantine will end, and the coronavirus will remain only a bad memory. Finally, stay calm in any situation, even if the world is crumbling around. Stress and nerves disrupt the immune system, so don’t give them a chance.

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