Look like a Film star! the beauty secrets of the incredible Sophia Loren

Look like a Film star! the beauty secrets of the incredible Sophia Loren

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If there are beauty icons in the world that both men and women admire with the same delight, then this is Sophia Loren. The Italian conquered the world not only with her acting talent, but also with her incredible appearance, charm and charisma. And some of her beauty life hacks even inspired the creators of cosmetic brands to new make-up products.

Like many actresses of the last century, Sophia Loren almost always did her makeup herself. Your own brand make-up from the 60s the actress is wearing it now. Moreover, it is this image that most often returns to fashion – it is incredibly popular now.

What is beauty secret Sophia Loren? In her book Women and Beauty, she revealed many of her secrets, including how to preserve beauty and youth. Here are some of them.

Sophie, who has incredible beauty by nature, never considered her appearance as her main advantage. Self-confidence and sincerity are what helped the actress gain fame in the 1950s and remain popular 70 years after that. “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than believing that she is beautiful,” Lauren wrote in her autobiography. Nevertheless, the actress is sure that appearance is far from the main thing: “To maintain shape and preserve youth, you should not close yourself in your hole. I just try to be interested in life, to have the light of joy in my eyes. Even my wrinkles seem funny to me. I never, even when I was young, thought that beauty is the only thing that defines me. Therefore, I am not afraid of wrinkles, I am not worried about aging. Rather, I am worried about the world in which I live, its future, diseases, AIDS, too much freedom, fear for children. ”

Taking care of yourself and getting rid of laziness

According to Lauren, even an ordinary woman can look very attractive if she takes good care of herself. Beauty is not in your facial features, but in how you feel on the inside and how well you take care of your appearance.

“It is difficult to become irresistible if you are lazy. No beauty in the world can compare with the beauty of self-knowledge and satisfaction that comes when you accept yourself for who you really are, “Lauren writes in her book.


Sophia Loren’s diet

Do you know how the actress managed to keep her figure? With a pasta diet. Yes, with Italian pasta! Lauren is convinced that it is easier not to start a figure than to torture yourself with exhausting exercises and diets later. Therefore, the Italian diet has never had snacks – only full meals. She eats only freshly prepared food, consumes freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices and arranges fasting days every month. These three days of detox Sophie has been practicing for most of her life, and judging by her forms and great well-being at the age of 86, such detoxification is very effective.


Like all Italians, Lauren loves to eat. But she limits herself not in what she wants to eat, but only in portion sizes. Sophie eats in small portions, and the basis of her diet is durum wheat pasta, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and healthy oils. Lauren never refused dairy products, especially cheese.


Sophia Loren Skin Care

In her autobiography, Lauren says that she takes “strange baths” throughout her life. Strange because she adds milk and olive oil to them. In Italy, olive oil is treated like water or air, so it comes as no surprise that Lauren turned to this very product to keep her skin soft, hydrated and supple.

Olive oil is an incredible source of moisture and is packed with antioxidants. Sophia Loren also uses it as a makeup remover, a hydrating eye mask and a hair mask. She recommends choosing only high quality extra virgin olive oil, preferably from Italy or Spain.

Sophia Loren Hair Care

“Healthy and well-styled hair is an important part of your image,” Lauren writes in the book. And so that the curls are always strong and shiny, the actress recommends using a hair mask with warm olive oil. She applies it once a week along the entire length of the hair, avoiding the roots. And at 86 years old, any 20-year-old can envy her hair.


It’s all about the eyes – Sophia Loren’s makeup

Sophie always did not mind emphasizing the sparkle in her eyes with makeup. Therefore, you will hardly find a photo of Lauren with bright lipsticks and without her trademark arrows.

Sophia Loren has been doing makeup in the style of the 60s for more than half a century, and it has never let her down. In all the photos of the actress, the first thing that draws attention to the makeup is her expressive eyes. The actress knows how to masterfully emphasize her eye shape. To do this, she plays with shadows. Literally. With dark shadows, it emphasizes the upper and lower eyelids, however, it leaves the outer corners of the eyes not darkened, taking the shadows slightly above the natural lash line. Instead, it brightens the area, thereby lengthening the eyes and creating a seductive cat-eye shape. And, of course, Sophie always wears lush false eyelashes.

Another secret of her makeup is soap. Yes, simple soap. She uses it instead of eyebrow gel. With a little of the product on the brush, she lifts the hairs up, so her eyebrows appear thicker than they really are. It was this make-up trick of Sophia Loren that inspired the creative directors of West Barn Co to create Soap brows eyebrow kits several years ago. The main star of the set is, of course, the soap. After the release of the product, “soap eyebrows”, which you may know under the name “model eyebrows”, have become one of the main makeup trends in recent years.

Watch star makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recreate Sophia Loren’s makeup on Huda Kattan, a blogger and creator of Huda Beauty.

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