What is mono diet?

What is mono diet?

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It all started with magic. In 2016, the illusionist Penn Gillette released a book called Presto! How I made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales. In it, he talked about his experience of mono-diet for two weeks.

For 14 days, Gillette ate only potatoes (about five per day). Later, he began to add fruits, vegetables and some whole grains to the diet. As soon as the book came out, a mono (or monotrophic) diet hit the headlines.

What is mono diet

What is mono diet?

Mono diet (monotrophic diet) – This is a type of food, which includes the use of only one food product (for example, potatoes or apples), or one type of food (for example, fruit or meat).

Nutritionists warn that mono diet can lead to malnutrition, loss of muscle mass, a deficiency or a dangerous excess of certain nutrients, as well as difficulties with losing weight in the future.

As a main product, a relatively “healthy” product is usually chosen, for which it is difficult to earn an allergy. For example, it can be bananas, buckwheat, eggs, potatoes and even chocolate (yes, many of us are constantly on such a diet).

Types of mono diet

What is mono diet?

Mono diets are fruit, dairy, cereal, extreme and complex. You can sit exclusively on cottage cheese or buckwheat, and sometimes not even chocolate (juice and chocolate mono-diets are classified as extreme). The most sparing option is complex, which allows you to eat one product for one to three days and then move on to the next. These are the Six Petals Diet. They also include summer mono-diet (vegetables, apples, chicken, oatmeal, watermelon), winter (potatoes, “winter” carrots, kefir, vegetable soup, meat, apple juice, oatmeal), colored (every day you can eat products of a strictly certain color )

In addition to the listed options, based on specific products, there are mono-diets that share food more likely by the principle of choice or exclusion, rather than by a specific product.

Mono elimination diet

This is a very interesting option and the easiest! You choose one junk food that you often eat, and exclude it from your diet. For example, if you are used to eating ice cream every day after lunch, try not to do this for a week and see how your health will change. Excluding a serving of ice cream can reduce your calorie intake each day. The result is healthy weight loss of up to 500 g per week.

One time diet

Get rid of sauces, dressings and other high-calorie, fatty additions to the main dish. Let the food be simple. Instead of eating chicken with barbecue sauce, baked potatoes with butter and broccoli with cheese, you just eat grilled chicken, simple baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. In addition to reducing the number of calories eaten, you get a second plus – taste buds begin to learn to feel the real taste of the dish.

Mono hydration diet

Eliminate sugary drinks, alcoholic and high-calorie coffee drinks from your diet. Just plain water. Reducing or completely eliminating carbonated drinks, tea and coffee with sugar, packaged juices and alcoholic beverages can reduce the daily amount of calories consumed by 500-1000 kcal.

Mono Swap Diet

Choose one favorite unhealthy dish or product and replace with a healthier version. If you eat chips with a sandwich at lunch, take carrots instead – it also crunches well. As a result, you will gradually get used to wholesome and more nutritious foods. The need for snacking on junk food will disappear on its own.

Mono diet Six petals

What is mono diet?

Mono diet “Six petals» is not a classic option, because during the whole time you eat not one type of product, but a certain type every day. For example, fish on one day, vegetables on the other, fruits on the third, cereals on the fourth, chicken on the fifth, and cottage cheese on the sixth.

Its advantage over classic mono-diets is that it harms the body less, since you get a more varied menu.

Food should be fractional (six times a day) and in small portions. But there are restrictions on the type of product. For example, protein is recommended to be consumed no more than 500 g per day, that is, on days when you have cottage cheese, chicken, eggs or fish, you should monitor the amount eaten. Vegetables – up to one and a half kilograms, cereals – no more than 300-400 g. During the day you should drink at least one and a half liters of water, completely abandon sugar and limit the use of salt and spices.

Advantages and disadvantages

What is mono diet?


You do not have to adhere to a specific meal schedule and limit yourself to the amount you eat. You can eat when it pleases. The trick is that in a few days you will no longer want to eat so much – no matter how you like a particular product, in large quantities on an ongoing basis it starts to bother.

The second bonus follows from this plus – the amount of consumed calories also flies down and you quickly enough lose weight.


Mono diet is a very severe limitation in nutrients. Because of this, malfunctions in the body can begin. That is why you can only eat this way short time and for some, this option is completely contraindicated.

Therefore, before than you decide on such an experiment, it is advisable to consult a doctor. A beautiful body is primarily a healthy body!

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