Genius tips on How to look taller Certainly, Even in flat shoes!

Genius tips on How to look taller Certainly, Even in flat shoes!

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In the summer, running in heels from one restaurant terrace to another seemed like an exciting entertainment, but in the middle of the endless autumn rains, heels already seem like torture. Should you complicate your life with uncomfortable shoes, when vitamin deficiency and autumn blues are around you? The further into the cold season, the harder it will be to find a reason to wear heels instead of a comfortable flat sole. If you are still worried about appearing taller, then we come to you with irrefutable evidence: in flat-soled shoes, you can also visually add a few centimetres in height. The color, shape of the toe, and the fullness of the shoe are critical if the goal is how to look taller. Here is an approximate list of tips on how to look taller that will visually lengthen the leg, which means they make you visually a little more taller, even without the presence of a heel.


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Pointed shoes


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The narrowed toe of the shoe, like an arrow, makes the leg elongated and graceful. Perhaps this is the secret of the popularity of sharp-toed shoes, which have not gone out of fashion for fifteen years. If you want to enhance the effect, then match the bottom with the same elongated silhouette to the pointed shoes, for example, a medium-length pencil skirt or tight pipe pants. However, mini and show legs will play a great game too!

Ballet cutout


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Since we decided that the sharp toe of the shoe visually makes you taller, what about the square cape, which is fashionable this year? If you like the latter, then look for ballet flats with a “neckline” – a V-neck at the instep. Color matters again: white shoes will always make a lighter and more airy impression than a dark one.

Skin colored shoes


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Absolutely everyone heard about this trick at the time of the frantic demand for beige boats: shoes in the tone of your own skin become virtually invisible, which makes the legs seem visually longer. The trick will succeed if you do not burden the image with either wide trousers or any other square bottom.

Front lacing on boots


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If you want to look taller, then your flat shoes should always have a lace-up or zip at the front, not the side: this small but important detail makes the leg look longer. Boots with edging, trim or simply with a horizontal insert of a different color, on the contrary, “cut off” the leg and look heavy on undersized girls.

White running shoes


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The lightweight fabric of the sneaker plus the white color together create an airy impression. Compare two pairs of sneakers in a sports store, one in black leather and the other in crisp white textile material, and you can immediately feel the difference.

Stocking boots


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The soft skin of such boots “merges” with the leg and fits snugly to the body, without creating unnecessary volume around the ankle. It is this model of boots that we would recommend to wear with maxi and midi skirts and dresses, so that the visual effect of “elephant legs” does not form under the hem. Boots-stockings, if not on a flat sole, then on a comfortable square heel of 3-5 centimetres is perhaps the most popular pair for the off-season, elegant, light in appearance and as simple as possible in combinations.

Shoes alone won’t do


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Do not forget that stylists always solve the problem of “looking taller” for their clients using an integrated approach. This means that it’s not only about shoes, but also about the pants, skirts, dresses and jeans that you wear. The same straight light blue jeans slim and noticeably stretch the silhouette, even if you are wearing shoes with a round toe that is not complimentary for undersized ones. Flared trousers beige and with a high waist will certainly make your legs long and long, regardless of shoes. The devil is in proportion!

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