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Future Spring Summer 2021 Fashion trends and most interesting finds

Future Spring Summer 2021 Fashion trends and most interesting finds 36

Spring-Summer Fashion Weeks 2021, by definition, should have turned out to be unusual, because they were created during a total quarantine, when everyone predicted a catastrophic failure for the fashion industry. Just imagine that the designers sat in their pajamas in front of the TV, just like the rest of us, and drew a collection so that later they could demonstrate it in an empty hall without spectators or in studio photographs.

Perhaps the desire to quickly flip through the calendar has never been as strong as in 2020. We already have enough exciting events and news occasions, you can go straight to 2021 with hope for the best and with a slight nostalgia for the times when movement was free and big holidays were noisy, crowded and legal. The same is with the collections of the spring-summer season – 2021: they contain a lot of hope and nostalgia for the bright 2000s, as well as home comfort, which this year has become almost a must. Neon hues, colorful prints, satin suits, pajamas and white are on the trendy menu for next year.

2000s return

It was only one decade ago, and many of us have already forgotten how colorful and bold that era was. The flourishing of democratic brands and large stores gave rise to a huge variety in clothes, and fashion trends and the very word “dress up” have become for many a favorite pastime. We remembered huge bows on clothes, colored leather, graffiti prints and neon accessories? Barbie-like outfits can easily fill the mass market again next year.

Spring Summer Fashion Trends

Future Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends And Most Interesting Finds

Chanel, spring-summer – 2021; Isabel Marant, Spring / Summer 2021

Asceticism in everything

Minimalism in the reading of Jil Sander and Hermès is not an attempt to hide from the world in not at all attractive clothes, but, on the contrary, the luxury of not proving anything to anyone through external attributes. Unlike the freaky style of modern Gucci and Dior, the ascetic chic of Jil Sander and Hermès does not seek to become famous by hitting all the country’s Instagram accounts. This is a story about clothes that have served for centuries, but look laconic and monumental, like a uniform from the future.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Jil Sander Spring / Summer 2021 Hermès Spring / Summer 2021

Eyes out bags

In the 2000s, did you also have such a bag that could be seen from the opposite side of the street? In patent leather, an acid shade, or an apple-sized gold buckle? The fashion for kitsch accessories is back, so you can go in search of your crazy handbag now. Keyword passwords: spikes, tassels, chains, graffiti prints and giant key rings.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Versace Spring / Summer 2021 Valentino, spring-summer – 2021

Going out pajamas

The months of quarantine were not in vain: someone learned to cook, someone returned to yoga, and someone discovered that there is no more comfortable clothing than pajamas and better round-the-clock entertainment than watching TV shows. There were so many pajamas in the spring-summer 2021 collections that it would be high time to move them from the section of home clothes to the section of relaxed suits. If at the beginning of 2020 we were recommended to buy expensive business suit, then the following months have shown: expensive pajamas will come in handy for you more.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring-Summer 2021; Tom Ford Spring / Summer 2021

Bra as clothing

In the West, bras are rapidly losing their popularity – this is evidenced by the statistics of sales of lingerie stores. But the usual piece of underwear does not disappear anywhere, but turns into a multi functional top: you can still wear it under clothes, on clothes or instead of clothes. For example, as at the Alberta Ferretti show – sensual and completely without vulgarity.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Alberta Ferretti, spring-summer – 2021; Emilia Wickstead Spring / Summer


White for hope

It was not easy for Italian designers in 2020, because the virus hit hard in the northern part of the country, where the entire fashion industry is concentrated. For this reason, the white color is not only about a chic summer vacation in Capri, but also about heartfelt gratitude to the doctors for their work during the pandemic.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Etro, spring-summer – 2021; Fendi Spring / Summer 2021

High sandals

To maintain good mental health in 2020, it was necessary at times to demonstrate endurance no worse than that of Roman gladiators. “Gladiators” will be the name of the most original (and at the same time wearable!) Footwear from the spring-summer collections – 2021. With midi dresses, these high sandals look spectacular, and with mini dresses – also sexy.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Dsquared2 Spring / Summer 2021 Ports 1961, spring-summer – 2021

Hole-in Clothes

Miuccia Prada delighted fans with a fresh decision: the already expensive Prada knitwear in the new season came out with a creative defect. It turned out, as it were, the embodiment of our plans for 2020: it seems, in general, everything is intact, but there are a number of tangible punctures. We are already waiting for this sweater to copy Zara and absolutely everyone will be able to dress “in a hole”, or in the spirit of the era.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Victoria Beckham Spring / Summer 2021 Prada Spring / Summer 2021

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